Would you want to brighten up someone's day?

I've been planing to do this for a while I just did't know how I wanted to pull it off.

Its simple, we're showing our favourite GAGgers our appreciation for their contributions whether it be for questions, answers, humour etc.
This is how it works:
1) Type the name of 1 to 5 of your favourite GAGgers
2) send them a link to this page however you can and ask them to contribute with their own list.

2 steps! Easy right? The end result should be a bunch of happy appreciated people and on Grand Hall of Best GAGgers lol

Try not to post anonymously, let these GAGgers know who their fans are!

Hope this works lol
I'll start:

The all have their own quirks, humours and perspectives when answering questions, got to love that.

Hows everyone doing? :)


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  • Sorry but I can't pick just 5 GAGers! :)

    The ones I talk with the most are:

    Sparrow24 - She's my mental doppelganger. 'Nuff said! :) I think she's been working so hard to make GAG a more enjoyable place for us and I think her hard work, together with the rest of the admins, has paid off. :)
    HandsomeRaj - Oh, well. :D He's *abnormally* interesting. Very intelligent, wise, kind, sweet and I appreciate his presence on GAG. I enjoy talking with him A LOT!
    DanteSparda - He's a very nice person. Very sweet. Good looking too! :D
    SuitAndTie - Such a gent. 'Nuff said. :)
    SüßeJäger - We talk less now, but he's a very nice, emotional person. Line up ladies!
    catguy - We used to talk more back in the days. He's very sweet. A good friend of mine. :) He asks very interesting questions too!
    222fallguy2 - He's crazy but I like him :D He's a good friend. :)
    MaskofInsanity - We used to talk more often. She's going to be a very good writer one day. :)
    desidoll - Very emotional, sweet and still a strong girl. :)
    WeaponZero - He's been busy but I still remember our convos. Very nice, athletic man :)
    DishLady - An AWESOME lady. 'Nuff said. She's an amazing writer too. :)

    Those whom I don't talk to often or even never at all, but I still appreciate their presence on GAG. :)

    LaylaTwoHours - We exchanged a few messages only, but I can see how sweet, classy and passionate this girl is. :)
    Daph81 - Very strong girl!
    PANDAmonium - He used to be SO popular back then. He's back now and is going to steal the lights from us all. Beware GAGers! :D
    xHoneyxBeex - Very sweet and gives thoughtful answers. :)
    ArabianPwincess197 - I like how she speaks of her culture and religion, Islam. She's a proud Muslim :)
    ShesSoSilly - SO sweet. :) Sorry guys..she's already taken!
    Eiffelgirl21 - VERY sweet and sentimental. :)
    Phoenix1991 - Super nice. A gent. :)
    Ketofen and Palek - for the good laughs :D

    ...Still more to come!

    • MrOracle, BoundedByCuriosity, kheserthorpe, ArtistBboy - VERY good advice (I'm sure I've forgotten a LOT more though and some I come across but I don't remember their names)

      BCRanger10, BlueSJ, doctorwhofan2, JustBanANNAz, bubbiexo, kangaru2, - VERY nice people. :)

      Oh and Kambo!! Kambo!! He cracks me up and is a fellow idealist :D

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    • Mwaaah! Krystal!! :)))

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  • Catguy, I think the person I've talked to most on here. He is such a genuine and kind man! He's been there one too many times to read my novels I vent hahaha. He's also very funny, as per the comment below I personally have never seen this perv side of him hahaha. But at the same time we're all kind of pervs sometimes... you know what I mean? You know... yeah... hahahaha. XD :P

    Sprarrow24, she is such a kind person. I also think she is doing an AMAZING job working with GAG. Its so nice to have her here and communicating with all of us. You know a lot of places just change things and you have no idea what happened or what's going on. She's good at always being around when you need her. I'm very happy she's here. I also really love her answers and questions.

    Since they are "mental doppelgangers" lmao... of course you know who you know her yourself is next. :P
    KnowMeYourself, like I commented on your answer I really enjoy reading your questions, I think you give great advice, and from what I know about you I think you're such a kind and amazing person. I hope to get to know you more!

    Betwyn, I don't know her at all personally but I really like her answers and how blunt she is in them lol. I also really like when she shares poems, she's really talented.

    MrOracle, again someone I don't know at all personally. I do really like his advice a lot! I think he's a really level headed person (from what I've seen) and is like me in that we see both sides of things and give advice based on that. I also think his advice is always well thought out, he puts effort into them, they aren't just short vague things. I'm glad he's around here (:

    There are many other people I could list, probably too many to list to be honest. I'll just stick to the five that came to my mind first. I don't want to try to add more and accidentally leave anyone out :/ that would be mean.

  • There are so many!!! I am not sure if I can choose five!!

    Here goes:
    ~Knowmeyourself: She is extremely beautiful on the inside and out! A true Egyptian beauty! She knows exactly how to brighten one's day. And, she doesn't judge others.
    ~WeaponZero: He is very nice and truthful
    ~Shyguy_1988: He is the sweetest guy I know, and is complete marriage material. Any girl that marries him will be very lucky =) He always makes me feel that I have value =)
    ~Boobman: Though he can be quite a perve at times (joke), he is always there for me when I need to rant
    ~Brovice: He is funny to me =)
    ~Desidoll: She truly is a doll. Very beautiful and so sweet. Always seems to support me. :)
    ~Steveisbored: HAHA he is funny as well. He always seems to message me at the most perfect times haha
    ~GoldCobra: Just a sweetheart
    ~Yaddayaddayadda02: haha he is bluntly harsh. no BS kind of guy. which is sometimes what we all need :)
    ~Daph81: She is truthful, funny, and nice :)
    ~FierceMegan: She is fierce!!! She is nice, friendly, and will always be my Leftie =D

    I am sure there are ones I have missed! please forgive me thou gagers! Honestly, I think every person is amazing. Especially if you are on here trying to help others <333

  • Honestly surprised to see my name more then a couple of times lol..

    lets see.. 5 people..

    Mr. K ~ We talk less now then we used to, but I still value you greatly.

    palek ~ they say everyone has a crazy uncle.. I don't have any family.. can I uncle adopt you?

    MrOracle ~ Always have long, thought out opinions.

    RedThread ~ the perfect mix of wit and seriousness.

    IM ~ You know why..

    Another would have definitely made the list.. but he left suddenly, both here and Facebook.. We would talk a lot.. generally speaking, I don't "miss" people.. but Dante.. he's one of the ones that I do.. I hope he is ok.

    • Consider it done! ; - ) And backatcha!

    • I, too, wondered what happened to Dante...

    • About time you showed up lol Your posts are awesome, so thanks for those and also thank you for contributing :)

  • haha ok..


    …theyre basically just all people who seem to have cared the most.

  • RedThread - my clone
    knowmeyourself - the kindest, good-hearted person I've ever encountered
    PANDAmonium - my therapist
    selfishstars - the most helpful voice of reason, although she's not as active as she once was

  • ThtDiablo

    • I wanted to do more than 5 lol but yeah

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    • Ah you did put up more names lol. OK did you send them the link and to all 50? :D

    • YAY! Thank you sweetie. :))

  • Catguy-Funnny and can be a pervert sometimes :D
    Boobsman- Always make me smile
    Knowmeyourself-The greatest counsellor I ever met, though she lives far away
    DanteSparda-Sweet and caring
    Eiffelgirl-Beautiful and nice :D

  • I am not somebody's list. I am upset :/

  • Ok so my list is super short
    GoldCobra because we always talk about random stuff and he is always there to listen to me complain about my life for the hundredth time lol ^-^
    Keyspirts because he has made me smile several times when I was feeling down :)

    • lol short lists are cool too as long as they're meant, which im sure of :)

    • thanks for the mention

    • awww tankyu ma pickachu! i'll always be here to make your day.
      i'll be the one who catches all your tears =)
      besides, a trainer is always right besides his pokemon right? ;)
      u should clone meh a hat too next time cuz it kinda make meh jelly =3

  • Hip-hop-kid-UK takes the cake :) very cool idea for a thread thanks for the shoutout!

    • Haha you've arrived! No problem, thank you for the posts and keep them up :)
      Dont you have any personal favourites? lol feel free to contribute

    • I haven't been on the sit very long! but im developing favorites and will update when i have a few new names. you're the first :)

    • lol thats fair enough and thank you!

  • Chocolateismylover and ArabianPwincess197
    I barely talk to other people on here.

  • um..I don't remember their user names

    • Thats ok enjoy the vibe anyway. Who knows it might jog your memory :)

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    • lol np..I'm learning from the masters..I got a long way to go and I probably will never catch up but oh well

    • And 8.Levin (4 years should be appreciated

  • - knowmeyourself, for being a sane shoulder to cry on
    - ketfoen AND
    - kambo_trick3y, both for keeping me laughing
    - VoiceOfReason, for being THE voice of reason (MIA for a while, and missed)
    - RedThread, for being an example of patience, tolerance and intelligence AND because he's a casserole


What Guys Said 22

  • These are my favorite characters I like to play with on the MMO known as GaG, in no particular order:

    -Toban_Frost: no longer available, but one of my first friends and awesome guy to discuss comics, life lessons and interesting subjects like which vegetable is most likely to take over the world if it had some sort of intelligence.
    -Sparrow24: the sweetest, most responsible weirdo you will ever meet.
    -Palek: my village idiot cousin twice removed on my mothers side for no apparent reason, other then that he ran away with children's stolen lollipops.
    -ArabianPwincess197: sweet and passionate girl, who speaks her mind, which I hope will live it as well too with no restrictions. Power!
    -Betwyn: another lass who speaks her mind so openly with out any regrets. If any quote resembles her spunk it would be "Girl Power!"
    And she believes in ET, how awesome is that!
    -Stitches: we pretty much have the same thoughts on many subjects and he has a very straight forward personality which I respect very much.
    -MrOracle: probably the best advice giver on GaG, with the highest intelligence on how to put his vast knowledge into words and sentences, so you just have to agree with him. You my friend are Hercules.
    -Jacquesvol: another well respected character, which can be considered the grownup of this MMO. He pretty much resembles Master Splinter of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, nuff said.
    -WeaponZero: just because he also plays EVEOnline, pretty much the greatest game on the planet. Yes, it is no debate on this :P
    -Redthread: like to read what he says, because he is very level headed, unlike yours truly.
    -knowmeyourself: look, I spelled her name correctly. I should win the ABC grand spelling championship just for that.

    There are so many more, if I haven't named you, please be free to add your name to this list on the comment box below.
    I approve this message, it's my saying now Ray William Johnson, because you quit =3

  • These always suck for me, because I'm the first to admit that I'm HORRIBLE with names, plus I read SO many posts here, and quickly at that (I spend FAR more time replying than reading) that I tend to pay less attention to names and more to the content itself.

    Having said that, I can come up with 5 that really stand out, mostly because the bulk of their posts are intelligent, honest, and helpful, even when I disagree with them (which isn't all that often):

    - kheserthorpe - We definitely don't agree on everything, but where we disagree, I think we respect each other's point of view. But most of the time, we're giving slightly different points-of-view on the same side of the argument.

    - Betwyn - I love a girl who tells it like it is, and who can use her brain to keep her emotional side focused. She also writes well; poignantly, even.

    - Prof_Don - Another person who is looking to give real help and does a great job at doing so.

    - sparrow - What more needs to be said here? Always helpful and cheerful.

    - cun7n1nja - Funny, pulls no punches, and tells it like it is, no matter how good, bad, or embarrassing.

    If I didn't mention you, I'm sorry, but you can be sure that if you post regularly, I've probably read (and replied to) your questions or commented on your answers. Thanks, all.

    • The feel of this answer is great, really genuine. Thanks for contributing dude

    • good lord I forgot to mention -cun7n1nja, I would have mentioned her, but an opinion can only be 2000 letters long, with spaces added.

  • I used to be on here before in the past but If i had to do a list it would be to the best people in my opinion who I admire.

    Knowmeyourself- Probably my first friend on here since I joined, she's extremely positive and friendly, full of wisdom, if I ever have any problems, she's the first person I go to.

    kheserthorpe- I may not know him personally but I always admire his opinions and answers, He always bring the realistic point to each situation and I think people should be happy to get his opinion on their questions.

    RedThread- We have spoken a few times before in the past but he's a great person, full of intelligence yet sympathetic to your problems if you really need help.

    • You're very kind, friendly and wise. You've helped me a lot back then if you can remember. :)

    • I remember but its not as much as you helped me.

    • I like the detail you put in your answers dude, thanks for helping spread the positive vibes man

  • Ok, it's going to be more than 5 but I've tried to minimize it as much as I can. Also, I just came off a hiatus from this site from quite a while so I only think 2 of these people are active at this moment on the site.

    1 - SilentG - My Palestinian friend, still keep in touch with him and talk about pretty much a huge variety of topics. He's cool but no longer frequents gag.

    2 - YesNoMaybeSo - Calls me Yoda (what's not to like about Yoda), also no longer frequents gag but I could troll her and she'd know how to troll back, I think half our conversations were trolling each other.

    3 - knowmeyourself - Has interesting questions and is very smart, we may have disagreed a couple times but she's nothing but respectful and has earned my respect.

    4 - WeaponZero - First off the name rocks, plus we've talked politics and economics and cars and computers among other things and he has quite a few insightful things to say about all. Haven't seen him on since I returned though so I don't know if he still frequents or not.

    5 - ArabianPwincess197 - She's a very humble and devoted Muslim and how can I not respect that? Plus, she's corrected me on a couple things already and I just met her coming back from this hiatus so that's fast. I like how she's always looking into improving and having more knowledge of the deen.

    6 - NotTheMomma - Also no longer frequents gag (to my knowledge) but he was cool and he was funny.

    7 - THChowder - We've talked for a bit a couple times, she doesn't get ticked when I get repetitive which has happened a little, at least she doesn't show that she got pissed off lol. Plus she knows good books to read and she can draw damn good.

    As far as the messaging thing, I'll send it to those who I think are still actually frequenting gag, not to those not doing so anymore.

    • The more the merrier lol. A really thought out answer, thsnks for taking the time to contribute man

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    • @ArabianPwincess197 - I don't know about me being humble and respectful, I can be a jerk when I wanna be lol

      @knowmeyourself - yeah yeah, forget who I am then say that, nice save haha

    • @QA - good q bro, and glad you took more than 5 even though some of them ain't getting on gag too frequently no more.

  • Okay, So here it goes


    there are pretty more but if I write their names, my answer will fill whole page of your question lol :P

  • Ah mine is a 'smaller' list
    1. JustbanANNAz
    2. ArabianPwincess197
    3. Knowmeyourself
    4. DanteSparda
    5. Sparrow24
    6. Palek

  • I find these 5 the most entertaining since I'm here mostly for entertainment. It doesn't mean that they're the only ones who are entertaining or that they're my favorites. They make me laugh and pique my interest in different ways.

    MaskOfInsanity the Timeless Traveler
    Harakiri the Crippled Caterpillar
    Hyped_up_on_coffee the um.. Bold?
    kambo_trick3y the Cambodian Comedian
    Neveryoumind2 the Silly Sensation

  • Loveisbeatiful: always great to talk to, friendly, and reminds me that people have reason to like me.

    Sparrow24: hardworking, fun to chat with and friendly to all

    Janson: although he is gone he always gave good answers and I felt I could relate to him

    Xhoneyxbeex: friendly, nice person and always gives good answers.

  • Knowmeyourself
    Hyped Up on Coffee

    and slipsender even though she deleted her account I know she has another on here

  • Ah, so you intend to brighten up my day by having me scroll down to find, as usual, my name not mentioned? Despite me being a member for 4, long, hard, years? To have my name not mentioned amongst people I would have mentioned. To see the same cliquish mentality with the same 10 names circulated?

    Well yep, thanks, I'm so cheery now! A real zest for life!

  • Wooow look at all the posts.
    ahahaha, KnowMeYourself is in majority of the posts here !

    same goes with mine,
    KnowMeYourself is very well-versed and discreet in her questions and also opinions though I wish she wouldn't be on private so many people could follow her but she has her reasons im sure.
    thanks for writing my name too, i'm glad :)

    i wish i can write other people too but i dont really know much for now as im new, will post soon when necessary !

    • AWwwwwwwWwwWw thank you! You sure brightened my day! :))))

    • :D ah it's nothing, it's something tiny compared to your lenghty answers to my questions. you're an awesome person !

    • Hopefully there will be new people on this page to spark interest. Welcome!

  • Hi im escape.
    Im piratically new and i think im the most hated Guy of GAG (accdg. to voted down comments i received) .well what ever, every family has their own black sheep right? :)

    Anyways this is my List that i respected the most.
    1. harakiri
    2. JustBanANNAz
    3. Prof_Don
    4.Hyped_up_on_coffee- 1000y/o vampire

  • My list is too long. Basically everyone has a high amount of value.

    • you are on my list :)

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    • You dare testify in favor of my goodness?

      Give me time. I will bare fangs so sharp they pierce the Night!

      I just had the most wonderful nap in the sun though. Have you ever just had a nice nap in the warm sun?

    • JJ I'm not scared of u :p

  • Iampikachu

  • Unfortunatemale
    Khesherthrope (Bruh your name is so hard)
    Man32( or is it 69?)
    Shyguy (Dude with muscle tshirt on)

    #Teamjooceybrah, Hope not forgettin anyone-_-

  • ArabianPwincess197

    Don't know that many more :/

  • Harakiri - she is always smiling at my comments and helped me to be confident in playing the piano.

    That's it. Others are strangers or I don't know them or they don't know me or I don't care about them.

    • lol at least Harakiri knows she's appreciated :)

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    • Sounds like she rally deserves to be here
      I hear that man, the internet can be a really strange place

    • For some reason that makes me happy. A good partnership, you two.

  • Keyspirits - He's kool

    No other haterz that i can think of...

  • i try to brighten at least one persons day, every day. it makes me feel good to do so

  • Nope 99% of the people here hate me so why should I brighten up their day? Doesn't matter what I see someone will always twist my words around.

  • Great concept for a question!

    Tough to get it down to 5, but I'll say:
    and it's been awhile, but 999freakshow

  • I don't log on so much anymore, but right off the top of my head at present it's PANDAmonium.

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