How do you feature a question on here?

I have over 1200 xper points. How can I ask a featured question?


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  • It's simple! Just go here and let the admins know that you would like one of your questions featured. In the drop down box, select "redeem xper." Then, in the details box, specify that you would like to have a question featured and include a link to whichever question you want to be featured. Just remember, it costs 500 xper points to feature a question and any sexuality related questions cannot be featured.


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  • Everyone got it right, of course ^_^

    You can get there by clicking "Contact" (bottom of all G@G pages) - or you can click "Redeem Points" from the My Xper page of your profile.
    Clicking "Redeem Points" is a tad quicker, because the other way has one extra step (selecting Redeem Xper from the Regarding drop down menu).
    Include the link to the question you'd like us to feature (making sure it's NOT a sexuality question) and we'll send you a message once we've featured it and taken the 500 Xper points.

    If you don't hear from us, don't worry - it's because there are questions in line before yours. They're simply featured in order of request, so it can take some time to be featured when we've gotten more requests.

    • Will it take a little while for the xper points to show up as spent too?

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    • Nice! Thank you :)

    • Sure

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  • If you go to the page that says my Xper you can click redeem and select that you want to feature a question and you need to post the link. Sexuality questions can't be featured.

    • Do I enter my email first and then send them a link of the question once I get the message?

    • I am not 100% sure but the FAQ said to follow the directions for the specific reward request. I have not featured a question since the ite was updated so that is why I am not 100% sure.

    • The answer is "No", you send it all at once.

  • You? You can't. It's too hard for you. Whatever you want to ask isn't worthwhile.

    Go to your profile and click XP at the bottom, follow the directions.

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