Political correctness of this website?

I've read a lot of answers and it appears that the site admins require it's users for the majority part to be politically correct and liberal.



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  • I disagree. I personally think liberals are pretty naive or downright dumb but I think for the most part users here are allowed to speak their minds with the exception of personal attacks.

    • Thanks for the MH.

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  • How did you come to this conclusion? I see a lot of people give "politically incorrect" opinions every single day. Just because the site doesn't allow antagonizing or offensive comments doesn't mean people can't still voice their true opinions, regardless of how unpopular it may be. It is possible to be blunt and still remain respectful and not offensive. I'm certainly not a liberal and I've seen plenty of conservative viewpoints on here.

    • I have seen plenty of offensive and antagonizing questions and opinions given from the liberal viewpoint that have been allowed to stay, but the conservative viewpoint is ganged up on in downvoting and reporting. As a result, they are removed. Majority of these aren't even "offensive".

    • I have not seen what you are referring to and like I said, I'm certainly not a liberal, my views fall farther to the right. But anyway, if you see something that is offensive or antagonizing then I would encourage you to report it.

    • I will do that! thanks!

  • As long as the post isn't offensive towards a certain race, religon, etc., it is allowed. But take note that "offensive" could be perceived differently from one person to another. It's a subjective word.

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  • Depends on what you mean by PC. There are some pretty strict rules about not running folks down here, because that's not what the site is for. It's an information resource for people, mostly young ones, to ask stuff that they frequently wouldn't feel comfortable asking elsewhere. If we rag on each other we'll run off a lot of potential users and create needless drama.

    If you have morals or ethics that are different, that seems well tolerated here as long as you state your opinions as opinions and don't attack folks that disagree. If doing that is PC Liberal, I guess guilty as charged. I'm a pretty non PC person though, and the only stuff I've had pulled is when I've cracked a joke or two that went over the line of what they're trying to do here. Their house, their rules.

  • Racists and fundies are tolerated, actually; but you do have to be PC, so you can't really discuss something like the Zimmerman case.

    This is mostly a teen site, so the PC is defined by Miley Cyrus or Michael Jackson..so generally I avoid discussions of race or ethnicity.

    • Racists and fundies are tolerated, but not conservatives?

    • Conservatives have no problem here.although they are in a minority.

  • Not everyone has to be a complete dick when they answer a question, bro.

    What is so wrong with using words that don't offend people?

    • Easy there. I never said that I ever offended anyone or said anything antagonistic in any fashion. As I stated to the female answer here, I have just often questioned why antagonistic, inflammatory, and insulting answers from the liberal standpoint have been allowed to say. I have come to the conclusion that due to the high liberal usage of this site, that it creates a vortex of downvotes and reports because of a simple political disagreement.

    • Most of the time in these political debates on GaG, the offensive and rude comment gets deleted...and for some reason the majority of the time the conservative answerer is the offensive one.

      It's a pattern I've seen on here and I've been on this site for years.

    • Don't know why the conservative users have more of a problem being tactful.

  • They are really nice

  • Because many people are scared by other people having different opinions. Sad but true.