What do you want to ban on GAG? Can we ban all the questions on GAG?

I feel this is banning season right now. Eveybody wants to ban sth. What do you ban right now?
Can we ban all the questions on Gag?

  • ban the ban
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  • to ban or not to ban , that is all about.
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  • Honestly people need to grow up and realize that the world does not work like that if you don't like something choose not to listen to it or even look at it. No one forces them to click on these questions they choose to go there by their own free will so use that said will to not look at them in the first place.

    • I can not agree more. People think that everything should their own way. Reality is not.
      We need to learn respect each other even we do not like.

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  • I would like to ban people who don't listen, but then that would ban about 80% or so of the people on here...

  • I would like to ban Nightingale. He's way too awesome.


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