Do you feel like your time is almost up here on GAG?

I've been thinking about leaving the site for a while now.Mainly because I dont feel like a lot of questions or situations represent people in the right frame of mind. I understand everyone needs help every now and then, but sometimes reading through a lot of these questions are quite... depressing.

I feel like it wears on my subconscious, and I find myself taking on a lot of the worries and concerns of others. Or, I find that I start to become insecure like a lot of people here in my own personal life.

The site is so addictive because you want to earn points, but for seems to be coming at a major price. I feel down at times and anxious when otherwise I would be happier.

Am I the only one experiencing this?


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  • No, I get you. Sucks being one of those people that really puts on the Asker's shoes and view their way. You feel it too and it brings you down.
    Also, most of this questions are plain dumb. It's the same question in different form. Some of these aren't problems but just ignorance.
    I don't care about points, just helping.
    But still, it makes me think at times that maybe I should lay off and focus on my life.

    • I've been here for a WHILE. Years. I can agree with you. In everyday life, my friends always ask for advice, which I don't mind giving, but reading these questions day in and day out is becoming overwhelming for me.

      At this point, I think I am really here only for points. There were some months where I didn't log on at all, but then I came back full force. I personally just can't identify with the constant self loathing that occurs here. Or the fact that a lot of users are spending their best days in front of a computer screen...ALL Day.

    • Thank you so much (:

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  • Seeing repeated questions can get annoying but I still love this site in general. I feel really good for helping people with their problems, I learn by reading what others ask and answer, and I get to trade in my effort for gift cards. It can get addictive but I tend to manage my time well.

  • I just answer questions that are fun I don't want to give people advice hahaha

    • Yup. You constantly post racist/anti-American comments. That sounds like a lot of fun! Here's some advice from me: Get a life.

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  • You must have other interesting hobbies to do than read the q's here. Yes you can easily get suck in with people 's feelings here because
    after all the internet forum is like an astral realm. You can always limit your time here for just two hours a day then eventually you won't even feel you have to use GaG at all.

  • I just get bored with the same old questions on dating, flirting, sexuality etc. etc. Same angry, hateful boys and insecure girls