Should gag have edit/delete options for questions, answers and comments?

I think gag should let users to edit/delete their questions or answers or some offensive comments on questioner's question. What do you guys think?

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  • That would be nice! Sometimes I'm too quick to hit enter :/


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  • They used to have a preview button feature on the old layout, I wish they'd bring that back at least.

    If someone's posting offensive comments on your posts, you can always report the post/user or message a Mod or the Admins for help.

    • Thanks..i was wondering like a while after posting a questions. then edit it instead of updating it..that would be great if they do that

    • It's a bit complicated.
      Unless GAG implemented a feature similar to what Facebook has, which shows a record of all the edits a post has gone through, I'm not sure being able to edit posts would really be all that beneficial. And even then that might not do much, many people seem not to care enough to read through a whole question, let alone check on how it had been edited.

    • I agree with that, yeah. I thought I remembered that there was...

  • No. It would be too confusing as thins would end up misinterpreted.

    • things**

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    • Yeah I was cracking up after I did that :P

    • Lol that was funny

  • Questions, yes. Answers and comments, no.

  • We want fun, interesting, and helpful content on the site at all times for everyone, at any time, to see and enjoy.
    Allowing members to continuously edit or delete their own posts would simply cause too much confusion, it would make it very difficult to find and catch spammers and/or duplicate accounts/posts, and it would also constantly fluctuate Xper points for EVERYONE on the question.

    We always encourage you guys to carefully consider what you post so as to avoid "posting regret".


What Guys Said 5

  • My guess is that it would lead to all kinds of offensive questions and remarks, which the poster would then just delete really fast on his/her own.

    As others have said, just Report items that are in violation of the rules. That's the best way to handle things like that.

  • I wouldn't see the harm in having something like one edit per post, or not even that much... maybe like 1-3 edits, maximum, every 24 hours just to keep things in reasonable order and so it doesn't get abused.

    Sometimes you catch some funky grammar after the fact, after you've already posted and it kinda sucks... lol

    Not really a huge deal either way though, in my opinion.

  • I don't think it would be a good idea, as users for trolling and other stuff. Someone could ask do you drink water, than after getting opinions edit the question, do you drink urine. People would also post very negative opinions and comments, then delete them before getting trouble.

  • They definitely need that feature. I left a word out of a sentence once. That caused my sentence to be incoherent. Google+ has that feature. I don't understand why this website doesn't. This is not like Yahoo Chat. The answers are not being typed and entered in real time.

  • We have the hundreds of moderators to delete offensive answers/comments.
    Also, GAG has the option for you to edit your own question.

    • Ok can i delete previous questions? im wondering where i can find the edit button

    • You can't delete your own questions.
      You can message the Admins here to ask them to delete something for you:
      However, if the post doesn't break any rules or you don't have a strong reason for it to be deleted (such as the post revealing personal information), then they most likely won't remove it.

    • I would be so happy if they give us those options so it can take some weight off of mods shoulders