Ever since I joined this site lol I've seen so?

many people posting about their measurements asking to be rated etc lol

so just for the laugh of it fellow gagers I dare you to write your measurements - i.e. waistline, height, weight, eye/hair colour etc

hair colour - dark brown but lightens to light golden brown near the tips
eye colour - dark chocolate brown
Bust -36 inches
hips not sure but their curvy lol


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  • Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 140 even at the moment, but it fluctuates due to training and diet
    Waist: I wear pants with 30" waist, so I guess that. Comfortably is like a 31" or 32" waistline though
    Chest: last I measured, it was 38". I think it's gone up an inch possibly since
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: green with gold sprinkles
    Upper body shape: upside-down triangle...broad-ish shoulders, broad upper back/chest, slim waist
    Shoe size: "under sized" brands like Vans or Chuck Taylor I wear 10.5 US; Normally I wear either a 10.5 or 11 in running shoes, and New Balance is either 11 or 11.5; and my motorcycle riding boots are 10's...I'm all over the place lol

    And I think I have a big head, but that's just because I have a big brain. Not sure it's measurements though. I'd guess "clever" to "intelligent" ;)


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  • -Height: 5'5"
    -Weight: 120 pounds
    -Bust: 32B
    -I don't know my waist or hip measurments. Lol but I wear a size small in shirts and size 2 in most pants.
    -Hair color: medium brown
    -Eye color: blue

  • Height : 5' ish
    Weight: about 108 currently, but I just started running again
    Bust: band usually 32, cups are can be A or B.. I can't buy without trying them on
    Pants: 00, 0 or sometimes a 1
    Shirts: XS or S
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair: Varies.. but its been dark for awhile.. toying with going blonde or red again.

    • i know what you mean with bras I'm the same my cup is a B but it depends on the bras and materials etc. You were a size 00 pant really wow

  • Height: 5'4 / 1.65 mts
    Weight: 114 pounds / 54 kg.
    Bust: 35" / 89 cm / 34B in bra size
    Waistline: 64 cm / 25"
    Hips: 91 cm / 35"
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown

  • Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 124 pounds
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: golden/strawberry-blonde
    Waistline: I am unsure (I don't own a measuring tape, but I wear a size Small or Extra-Small in most clothing stores)
    Bust Line: 36 C
    Hip: Like I said before I don't own a measuring tape, but I'm a size 6 jeans.

  • Height - 5'6
    Weight -124
    Waist- 25
    Bust - 34
    Hips- 35-36 it varies
    Hair color - dark brown

  • Height: 5'5"
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Bust: 32
    Waist/Hips: n/a
    Shirt: XS or S
    Pants: 0 or 2 (US)

  • 4ft11
    7.5 stones
    I haven't measured my hips, bust and waist in a while so I don't know.
    Haircolour : black
    Eyes : dark brown almost black looking

    what are your stats?

  • Hight : 161
    Weight : 67
    Black hair
    Brown eyes