Question on GaG news 22nd update?

It says on the new GaG update that if your question has nothing to do with this site to not put it in that topic, but there are some questions people ask on here that they dont chose a topic and it sometimes automatically goes into that topic. Has the site changed that or not yet? Thanks


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  • I notice with the "girlsaskguys" topic that it's mainly related to the site itself meaning like technical things about the site. People just seem to throw any topic in there for some reason and it's confusing. The "girlsaskguys" topic is meant for things like "Can I edit and opinion?" and such.


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  • I don't think that is true. If a QA does not pick a topic then it goes into the "No Topic" category automatically. Nothing gets automatically put into other categories. The "GirlsAskGuys" topic is only meant for questions pertaining to the site itself or the users here, yet some users just throw it in with completely random questions that have nothing at all to do with this site. I think that's what it means in the news box.

    • I don't know, I mean when I dont pick a topic for my question, it picks it for me.

    • That's odd considering there's an entire section dedicated to questions that have no topic. It might be a glitch, in which case you could probably message the admins about it.

  • When someone doesn't select ANY topics, it's automatically put into No Topic, not GirlsAskGuys. Then, when we (admins) moderate, we assign the relevant topics ourselves, if the QA didn't already take care of that.

    Many users keep assigning the topic GirlsAskGuys on questions that have nothing to do with the site or G@Gers so we're just reminding you guys to only assign relevant topics rather than random ones ^_^

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