Is there any way to delete a question you asked on GAG?

I've asked a few things here that were too graphic and in which I've shared too much personal detail.

I'd like to share my answers on a few topics with a friend, but I'd like to delete a few of my questions before I do that. Because if you go to my profile, even if they are posted as anonymous, she would still be able to see them.

Is it possible to remove a question posted here on gag?

Also, what about answers?

Thank you. And I tried browsing trough previous questions, but I only found ones about deleting nudes and apps from phones...

Also, isn't it possible anymore to change a question you've posted previously or an opinion you've given to anonymous anymore? If it is possible, how? If it isn't, why did the site changed that?

Thank you again!


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  • No, there is no way to edit or delete your own posts after submission.

    We want fun, interesting, and helpful content on the site at all times for everyone, at any time, to see and enjoy.
    Allowing members to continuously edit or delete their own posts would simply cause too much confusion, it would make it very difficult to find and catch spammers and/or duplicate accounts/posts, and it would also constantly fluctuate Xper points for EVERYONE, all the time.

    We always encourage you guys to carefully consider what you post so as to avoid "posting regret".

    There is CURRENTLY no way to change to and from anonymous after submission, but we're working on that one, so stay tuned.

    I hope that clarifies things for you ^_^

    • Thank you very much for your answer.

      I can understand now why editing/ deleting content previously posted would be a problem... But I'll stay tuned to hear from the anonymous-changing settings in the near future, thank you :)) !

    • My pleasure... and yes, changes are always coming!

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  • GAG does not allow changes or deletions. If changes were allowed, it could make opinions (answers) mean something different once the question was changed. It could also allow someone to get a conversation going that causes some angry words or blow ups and then suddenly the question is something different than it was before. As for deletions, if the question is deleted, whole conversations over periods of days would have to be deleted along with it which is not fair to all the responders.

    Anonymous posts do not show up in your profile. I have been asked to comment on a user's prior question and could not find it in their profile. They had to copy and post the link for me to find it because they had originally posted as anonymous.

    • Thank you for answering :)

      But is there some way to change the privacy settings of a previously posted question or answer? Like, can you change an answer to anonymous after you've posted it with your profile? Or is that not allowed anymore too? If it is possible, how?

      ~And do you happen to know why that changed as well?

      Thank you again!

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    • Yes, that is why I used the anonymous option before too... I am pretty open about lots of stuff, otherwhise I wouldn't be answering or akings and giving out details... But this friend doesn't know everything nor is she mentally "prepared" (because of her own experiences) to see some of my answers/ questions on sex topics here... Just wanted to show her the dating ones, that's what she needs...
      I guess I'll just give her the links to the questions that matter and I won't say a thing about having a profile on this website; just say stuff like "oh, I found this and there are some really insightfull answers. check them out!" ... :/ meh XD
      Thank you again for answering :)))

    • There are often people we associate with or are even good friends that do not know all of our thoughts/beliefs/experiences. Some of their beliefs can be very different from ours to the point that they think if you believe "this", then there must be something wrong with you. Anything to do with sex, from nudity through virginity through sexual orientation, can trigger a response. There are many things about me that I would not divulge to many family/church friends due to probable responses from them. I understand your hesitance. Hope things work out well in this case.

      Nice talking to you. Good luck. :-)

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