Edit button!! Why? I need a edit button because I make a lot of mistakes.Am I the only one?

I think this website should have an edit button..It sucks when you comment something an you make a mistake and you are not allowed to correct it :/


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  • I understand the reasoning why they won't allow that, but I also get very annoyed at it sometimes.


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  • maybe just try and proofread your comments before you post OR make another comment to clarify an error

    I think there is no editing of comments once said otherwise people would use it to back track on something they said or change an argument so they can appear right

    • I mean orthographic mistakes

    • right...so if I make spelling or grammatical errors I just correct them in another comment if it's necessary. but I think a lot of people would take advantage of an edit feature to help reinterpret an argument or something like that

  • I'm fine without it..you can always make another comment to clarify


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