Deleting my account , I need queries.?

Hellow, i want to delete my account.If im going to delete my account does it mean that all my info that connected to my FB are deleted also to the data base?
I found it this site is not helpful to i want to delete it.


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  • If your talking About GAG it's not deleted It's just closed everything stays on the site.

    • Oh okay.Thanks.

    • Your welcome. Hope you found the answers you were looking for?

    • no.i found it weird.Im sorry.all about anals and blow jobs and my question that i think need a little attention was hanged with zero for answering.Gtg.

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  • Any posts you've made, questions, opinions, comments will remain on the site.
    You can always disconnect your profile from Facebook if you're concerned about your info still be connected to it (though that might happen automatically anyway when you deactivate your account).


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