How can I change my age on here?

I'm already 24 but I have a friend who also uses this account and she mentioned she was only 17. It was 18 to 24 at first but it got changed. Thanks.


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  • you are showing as under 18 not 24 .

    I think you click on your profile tab at the top right of screen then hit the edit profile there should be somewhere in your information to enter your correct birth date.

    • Yup because I think they changed it right after she mentioned she was only 17.

    • You can't change your age (or gender or username) when you go to your Edit Profile page.

    • OPPSSS...sorry , my mistake most sites that's how you do it

  • You gotta contact GAG and ask them to chance it for you


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  • How can I change my age in real life? :D

    • lol I was waiting to see that comment form

  • Message the Admins and explain the situation and ask them to change it for you.
    And maybe encourage your friend to get her own account...

    • She doesn't want to use her real identity she says. she's not even allowed email. so

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    • She doesn't have email as well.

    • That makes zero sense but I guess I can't argue. It was just a suggestion.

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