Why is the voting system on girlsaskguys a mystery to me?

Am I just thick? I have been active on this site for three weeks and don't know about voting. I see up and down arrows and have poured over the rules and guidelines without gaining information. I have never voted for any opinions I have received because I don't know about it. I suspect my opinions are being down voted and I can't get upset because I can't interpret it. Why do I feel so in the dark about it? Where can I learn about it?


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  • Upvoting and downvoting opinions is completely optional and doesn't earn anyone any Xper points, nor does it make users lose any.
    The left arrow pointing up is for when you like the opinion, or appreciate it, or agree with it.
    The right arrow pointing down is for when you dislike the opinion, or disagree with it.
    You can only see the other votes AFTER you've voted yourself.
    You can vote on ANY opinion other than your own, on your own questions, or on others' questions.
    You can see how many upvotes and downvotes your opinion received by either revisiting the question page and looking at your opinion, or by going to the Opinions tab of your profile... on the right, it will show you all votes for that opinion.
    The votes are separated by gender; pink number representing girl votes, blue number representing guy votes.

    I hope that helps ^_^

    • Thanks. You are my first. I consummated by voting for you. It seems so less sinister than I imagined.

    • Haha! Why thank you :-P

    • Thanks for MH too!

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  • Don't get down on yourself over it I was here 1-2 months before I knew what was going on with people talking up & down votes. Honestly I don't think we were alone on this issue?

    • Thanks I have received your comment. Now am I supposed to vote or does someone else do it? If I must, then what do I do?

    • No need to vote if you don't want to. Makes no difference to me if I get up or down voted.

  • Sparrow said it. Listen to her she's a mod and a guru.

    • Thanks. You got my second vote. It's good that you know that she knows what she knows.

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  • Basically the left arrow is up votes and the right arrow is down votes. Both are split by gender, so the vote will appear in either the pink or blue half of the circle.

    • Who does this?

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    • So as much as it's my question, it seems I am not in control and all-comers can play with the arrows huh?

    • Right, you can't vote either way on your own. But you'll always be able to see the votes you've received. But they changed it to a blind system with voting for others, I assume to avoid persuading anyone in either direction. To see those votes you need to vote on it yourself.

  • Upvoting is no different than a simple "like" on Facebook and the downvote's just the opposite. The new update makes it so you can't see how many votes each has without voting yourself which is why they are greyed out. You can only see your up and down votes.

    It's honestly nothing more than that. Somebody either liked or disliked what you had to say. Harsher answers tend to get downvotes from people even when they're giving great information so just remember, it's all opinion.