Should there be a button on this site to select the most poisonous opinion?

There's a way of selecting the most helpful answer, I also suggest introducing a button to highlight the most poisonous answer.

I've seen people unknowingly give concrete pieces of advice that if followed, would create further problems.

Maybe if enough people agree it may give the moderators of this site something to think about?

  • Yes - Maybe there should be a button to show really destructive pieces of advice. Great Idea actually!
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  • No - Just allow people to hold poisonous opinions, don't highlight it.
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  • Remember that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and everyone else's stinks.

    • lol nicely said, i just wish there was a way to deter really bad pieces of advice.
      The other day i answered a question that this girl posted, she had been with her boyfriend for awhile and was a virgin before hand. He very jokingly calls her a slut, it's his form of banter. He obviously knows that she's a virgin and doesn't mean this spitefully. She was between the ages of 18-24 so it's safe to say that she picked him for a sound reason and he must have good qualities for her to have given him the opportunity to break her vaginity.

      That question was flooded by people telling her to breakup with him, there was one in particular that so adimently and so aggressively put her point of view across that he was manipulative, evil and the worst possible guy. It was said with such passion and repetition that the QA was beginning to be influenced.
      They were so quick to demonize someone they knew nothing about. Surely something must be done to educate people?

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    • Well that's the hard part. We don't know half the story, we don't know if he's continually malicious and hurtful to her - in which case the advice to break up is spot on. People don't always pick partners who are in their best interest. We don't know if the guy was joking, his tone, or his usual conversation with really all advice is just best guessing on limited information.

    • Fair point.. and that's the issue, we know half the story. IT's the speed and passion behind demonizing people over the speed and passion to genuinely understand the context. I treally does highlight everything that's wrong about 'adults' in my opinion.

      When we were children we learnt by seeing similarities first and then differences. This is how a child learns so quickly.

      But as 'Adults' we allow our personal experiences to pollute our judgement.. and we look for differences first.. which is often enough for us to never look for similarities.
      mmmm what a world we live in.

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What Girls Said 3

  • No, I do not think that would be a good idea. There is no point in highlighting "bad" opinions. All that would do is cause drama. If you see an opinion that you disagree with, that's what the down vote button is for. This is supposed to be a positive site. Giving out Most Helpful's shows appreciation to user's, selecting a "most poisonous" opinion is doing nothing except humiliating a user, which I do not agree with. I don't see anything good or positive coming from something like that.

  • Hmmmmm that might be dangerous though, some people may start to have a label which can lead to harassment and bullying.

  • No they would never allow it. That might hurt someones feeling.


What Guys Said 1

  • lol good ideas are already downvoted by clueless people as it is.

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