Does anyone know why conviction left GAG?

Does anyone know why the user conviction left? I liked the guy, why did he leave so soon?


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  • A particular GAGer asked for clarification (good tone and perfectly respectfully) and he responded with a put down. She tried to make sure he knew she was respectfully looking for clarification and he responded with something that sounded a lot like a sarcastic response. She overlooked that and answered honestly and intelligently. His remarks back to her stated some respect for her, but in a way that sounded again like sarcastic provocations. She tried to ignore his poking and others tried to explain to him that she was not attacking him, but he continued pushing till she did push back a little. His comments were rude and reeked of anti-female opinion. He also stated several times that he was reporting her. He posted another "question" in which he said he had been wrong, then continued to imply he was right and threw more insults. Most people saw through him and advised him of their interpretations. He apparently did not want to hear any more from people who were not snowed under by his nonsense.

    The person he was attacking has been on here a long time and is respected. She made every attempt to defuse him, but he would not let it go, even to carrying it into the other question.

    Most of us would have preferred he look at it more calmly and make an adjustment, but he preferred to continue attacking. For that, I am not sorry to see him go.

    • wow this is GAG who takes this site seriously? u just block and move on, but i liked the guy and its a shame he left.

    • I never noticed him until these posts where he tore into @SaVes and anyone who tried to help defuse the exchange. And he was definitely over the top. Several times he told her he was reporting her (which she was fine with, since she had been proper and respectful) and later on his question he said he wanted a moderator involved. Several people tried to explain to him how he sounded way off, not her, and he just blew up at them. As you said to @Kangaru2, you did not read the whole thing. If you had you would not think of him as so cool, at least not then. When someone can't let something o and causes a bunch of bad feelings in a group, I think it is a good thing if they go. He was not being cool nor a nice guy. I felt bad for @SaVes who always seems so respectful to others (anything I have seen, anyway). I have not seen anything from her since he tore into her.

  • I'm guessing it had to do with him blowing up on SaVes, then asking a question about it blaming her where everyone told him it was his fault for not letting it go, followed by him asking another question about what he should to do atone for his inability to let things go.

    • Lol I just read their discussion haha. Yeah he completely got pissed off for no reason

    • I couldn't tell if his initial comment was patronizing or just seemed that way to her. But she actually let it go and he just... wouldn't... drop it...

    • Yeah I think I saw that too.. He was pretty unrelenting.

  • He had an huge argument last nite with female gager. She criticized him a lot. But what was that argument about i don't know...

    • There are a few GaGers that I believe desire to be offended for some reason so anything they can possibly interpret as something against their race or sex they jump all over. As you said though, I don't know if this is it or not.

    • Whatever it is , i my self have been sweet, kind and gentle to many women while at the same time i have criticized and got criticized by some other girls a lot. So my behavior to a particular person is based on individual judgement.
      I don't like hypocrisy and those girls who talk that way..i bash them. A girl even called me anti women. Lol.
      Whatever it is Just because they are women i won't and i will never keep quite.

  • because he is emotional.


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  • I never seem to understand why everyone becomes so alarmed when someone decides to leave. In this particular situation, it sounds like he was made to leave, or he elected to himself...but...whatever. I'm usually happy to see folks leave and move on. Within myself, I'm happy that they no longer want to sit behind a computer ALL day like some people here. But instead, maybe just maybe they are out and about pursuing new goals and gathering new life experiences.

    But the situation explained, sounds like he was way out of line. Meh...moving on.

    • yep i agree but he will be missed.

    • I dont think there is much to be sad about girly, if you guys were friends, I'm pretty sure he can find a way to get back on the site like other people do ALL of the time.

    • okay cool cool i like chilli in my beans.

  • I haven't been on yesterday. Seems like I missed some drama involving me?

    Is this about this little insignificant misunderstanding between me and Conviction?:

    Like I said, I wasn't on yesterday, so I also missed whatever questions he have posted about this. What the heck happened?

    • I didn't even know u guys had a thing before I asked this question.

    • Well, I'm only mentioning this as a reaction to some of the answers on here who mentioned it. I have no idea what was actually going on.

    • True dat lets move on lol

  • He left? =[ Noooooo... =[ =[

  • He left? Why? What question did he adk?
    He seemed cool.

  • I didn't know he left but it was probably because of this question he asked.