Down / Up votes in GAG, should there be parameters?

I was noticing that in one of the recent questions I asked out here that someone had given a very rational and excellent answer, I think this way rationally & not cause I am opinionated.

His answer however was 'down voted'?

Accepted that everyone is entitled to their opinion of another's but shouldn't it be that when someone down votes an answer, they should at least explain it?

Should GAG come up with a clause that if someone is down voting an opinion, they should be able to do so only after they comment on what they are down voting?

Accepted again that trolls will probably go forward saying 'hello hello hello hello or rant rant rant rant' or similar :) but still stands a chance for a healthy discussion

What do you say?

Not putting up a poll else most people poll & don't answer, I understand words better lol :D


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  • Nope.

    Why? because you need to give some space to people to hit you on your ass then run fast. Hahaha!! That's pretty much what happens.

    Seriously though, it doesn't matter. People who want to seriously discuss your answer, whether they agree or disagree, will comment on your answer. Other than that, we shouldn't take it too seriously because people may downvote you because they don't like you or that they REALLY disagree with what you're saying yet don't feel like saying anything. Others may give you an upvote just because they like you or for they REALLY like your answer yet not in the mood to add anything more or they don't think they have anything more to add. So, it can go both ways.

    Everybody should do whatever he/she wants. It's a free world ;-)

    • The second part of your opinion, well described. BUT that's exactly where I'm coming from, if someone doesn't like you isn't a good enough reason for downvoting. Those who down vote especially need to explain why? This is not a social networking site where people should be allowed to down vote cause they dislike someone but an Q&A site where people are supposed to opine on something & not hit on the butt & run (I'd love that literally though lol)

      Free world yes but freedom w/o sense of judiciousness, discipline & focus is anarchy ;) :D

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    • Hahahaha!! Abnormally interesting you are. :)

    • As usual :D :D ;)

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  • I'm under the impression people upvote and downvote for different reasons. While some people may agree or disagree, many people downvote because they thought you weren't PC enough or didn't like what you said, even though they might not be able to say you're wrong.

    I've noticed in the old version we could always the stats of votes, but now we have to vote in order to see them. I understand the concept of not being able to see them, but not sure if it doesn't defeat a little the purpose of being able to vote up and down.

    • The idea in the new GAG of seeing stats of votes only after voting is a good one, it encourages people to vote :D

      My idea of the question was if someone wants to downvote then they should be made to state a reason before recording their vote cause then the vote makes sense

  • Well they kinda already have that ability... If they down vote there's always comments to share their opinion.

    If they're not bold enough or don't have the time to explain why then their down vote doesn't have much meaning to me.

  • I would like to know the reason why sometimes and sometimes i could care less

    • On a down vote I'd love to know the reason always - could well be a good learning curve :)

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    • Ah I stand corrected 'ALMOST' all questions have a meaning to them :D - There! ;)

    • hahahahah

  • no, it's fine as it is. people don't have the time or willpower to argue with everyone they disagree with, and there would be several comments arguing about the same thing. it would be useless chaos.

    • we always have a choice whether to debate someone or not :) I exercise that choice greatly. I flirt more on comments than debate lol

    • errr healthy flirting

  • I don't really care about up votes or down votes so I don't really mind whether there is a parameter or not but some might say its a good idea


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  • I agree with you in that it would be better if people explained themselves when voting someone's opinions down. I don't think its so important that it needs to be regulated. I don't think about the voting much anymore because its all hidden now for some reason. Didn't really think much about it before either, haha.

    • Hidden I think cause it encourages people to participate in voting :) so unless they vote they don't see what other votes are :)

      No organization creates anything w/o a reason, these votes and stuff that seem unimportant now may come up with something later - I'm sure GAG already has something up it's sleeve or will come up with something in the future :)

  • I could really care less if people down vote me, it's just a number in my eyes

  • That would be chaotic. People will be all like "*****! Why'd you vote me down" Then shots will be fired and all kinds of nonsense. Dx

    • chaotic if we choose to debate it, else it isn't :) we get to see an opinion - everyone's opinion no matter how irrational it sounds matters :)

  • In my opinion, in context of GAG, down voting is useless and irrelevant. It should not be there altogether. If the idea of GAG is to exchange opinions, what is the point of down voting?

    • I think up voting & down voting is a great thing in GAG, shows how much people agree or disagree with what's said in the answer provided :)

      Today there may not be relevance to it but I'm sure as a constantly evolving organization GAG will think up something and it won't be perceived as useless in the long run :)

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    • Down vote should not be anonymous... PERIOD !!!

    • EXACTLY what I say :D

  • Ops anon here! because i love voting down and it makes me smile.

    Aye Partner?hahaha...

    • Ha ha ha ha I'd sure have voted you down on this one just cause you like it IF I hadn't noticed something that makes me think you are who you are :D :D ;)

      Voting down isn't the issue everyone has to up or down vote BUT what I say is if someone IS down voting an opinion then shouldn't it be mandatory to get them to write why in the comment opinion so that the answerer gets to refute?

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    • i forgot that im using anon.reckless.i was carried

    • ha ha ha ha

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