Has anyone on GAG you've never seen or know personal details barring name ever inspired you?

As the question goes, has it ever happened that you meet someone on GAG immaterial of gender and orientation; you don't know anything about that person except his/her name that he/she has told you it is and you have been inspired by them to start doing things here or elsewhere that you don't do normally?

For example I've been inspired & motivated to ask questions on GAG that I don't generally do, I've hardly asked any questions through my tenure here lol but now I'm penning everything that comes to my mind :D :D (so as long as I'm in front of the computer, can't ever remember it when I'm offline & then log in later lol)


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  • Hmm...I'm curious to know who that person is. He/She must be awesome to inspire someone like you. :)

    Well, I don't know if you remember her or not. Her username was Enchanted. She motivated/helped//inspired me to be stronger and to leave my very emotionally abusive ex. Call it inspiration, motivation or whatever but it definitely worked. I'll never forget that. :)

    Many users here whom I know or I don't know have inspired me to eat healthily. I learned A LOT about health and exercise by reading people's answers. WeaponZero helped me a lot with information about exercise. He's a great guy. :)

    Others here have inspired me to travel to many places just be hearing them talk about their place. I love traveling (as you know) and I'd love to visit many places in the near future. :)

    Someone has inspired me to visit Greece ;) Maybe India too? Who knows. Hahaha!!

    I'm sure there are lots of other things. That's what I remember for the time being ;-)

    • lol I never knew invisibility can ever be SO inspiring but guess at back of my mind I always knew that too ;) :D

      'Enchanted' I've not really interacted with her, seems to be an awesome girl there :) I'm glad you guys met up :) :)

      Ah I've been re-inspired to get to Greece too ;) :D probably we can catch up there by the beach in a soft gazebo made of transparent fabric, candle light dinner & stuff with the soft wave sounds, breeze... :D :D

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    • Look who's talking about 'tempting' - temptress ;) :D lol ha ha


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  • some users here have inspired me to keep a consistent workout routine, study, and lead a more passionate life

  • some members' posts inspire me to travel, study and cook more


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  • You inspire me, Sir!!!

    • How does he inspire you? I'm curious. :)

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    • No. In my opinion, that quote does not mean that you're stubborn or you have pride. To me, it just means that you refuse to surrender. ;)

    • EXACTLY! on the DOT! :D thank you :)

  • All the big bros and big sises here inspire me, or at least have the potential.

    • Believe me inspiration has nothing to do with the age factor. Though I appreciate what you say my lad, there are times when people who are much older like me get inspired by people your age :)