Hey boys and girls! How many years or months did it took you to reach GURU or MASTER level?

Ahhh i was so curious. Lol
I was wondering about that sometimes.
Others can also mention about their xper level and share their experience over gag who are present here since years...


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  • I was close to it. Then they updated GaG and I went down two levels. Now I don't even know the points I have to get. That aspect of the new GaG sucks. Overall to answer your question it depends on how active a user you are, but it's still going to take a few months. These masters and gurus I've seen for quite sometime. Ask like MartyFellow he told me one time.

    • Oww so bad ! Don't worry you will become guru!

    • Oh thank you. I'm just taking my time, since this new set-up of points is sort of piss-off worthy. But yeah ask someone like MartyFellow. He's usually the one I see on the most and he's pretty chill.

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  • I've been here for over 5 years now and still haven't reached it on this new version of the site. On the old site, I would have been at the guru level already, since you only needed 10,000 points. Now you need 20,000. I'm just over 5K away.

    It just depends how frequently you ask and answer questions, really. Some people reach guru status in a year, others only get there after several years (like me).

    • 20,000 now? That's bull

    • Yep. Here's the chart from the FAQ page.

      Level 1 = 0 - 149
      Level 2 = 150 - 299
      Level 3 = 300 - 499
      Level 4 = 500 - 999
      Level 5 = 1000 - 2499
      Level 6 = 2500 - 4999
      Level 7 = 5000 - 7499
      Level 8 = 7500 - 9999
      Level 9 = 10000 - 19999
      Guru = 20000-49999
      Master = 50000+

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