How do you find friends on here...I can't find them/don't see them?

I have noticed since the new layout of gag the past few months, I have not gotten any friend requests (not that I care) but back in the old gag layout you could always see who your friends were in the bottom right corner and personally chat with them. did gag erase that feature or something? I don't see it or don't know where to find it. why did they erase it any thoughts?

plus why (since the new layout) does gag send you these annoying notices in options that you have to pick a best answer for anyone who answers your? s that really annoys me as I don't believe anyone likes doing it. it is dumb.


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  • Technically the Friends feature is gone. Friends and Followers have been combined into one feature. All of your Friends from the old version should have been carried over as both Follows and Followers on this new version, even if some of those users currently have their profiles set to private (you can't Follow anyone whose profile is private).


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  • Go to setting and adjust your setting by unchecking the box regarding friend requests.
    People were not choosing BAs and that was annoying. This feature addresses the numerous complaints they had received. Its a great.


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