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How to tackle a creep on G@G

I've recently been aware of a number of incidents where a G@G member has been having difficulties with other member(s). I thought it worthwhile to write this, to describe what I think you should do, when this is...
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The Real Strength And Beauty Of A Moonchild.

This is not my usual kind of mytake. Or not really a mytake as much as it's a take of my thoughts, feelings for someone I greatly appreciate and admire. This is dedicated to a beautiful, strong, courageous woman I met...
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What has your time on GAG taught you about yourself?

I was going to make this a spontaneous question for all, but I was running out of characters so I'm switching over to a MyTake instead. This was not my intention, so please treat this as a question and answer this...
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Cure to Distress

Today, I started to view life as a heavy loads of tragic events. It's sad to hear about news like Kobe and Giana passing away. Heard news like forest fire in Australia, wildlife dying because of people neglecting to help....
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Happy Lunar New Year to all the people on GAG

I wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in the Year of the Rat. And also good health. Please practice good hygiene; wash your hands before you eat; go see a doctor if you are not feeling well. And last but not least, your...
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I messed up with anonymity.

I feel like I can't ask the personal questions I need to ask now because my account isn't random or anonymous. I need a second account I guess. I don't know. Would probably be smart to choose a fictional username and...
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Have People Forgotten What G@G really Stands For?

For those who seem to have forgotten what G@G stands for, It's" Girls ask Guys" and meant to be a relationship advice/ experience sharing site for men and women. But some people are misusing this site for things it's not...
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Who Are We & Why Are We Here?

Tonight I had a thought. Why am I here? (In life, sure, but I mean, more specifically, on #G@G.) But for that matter, why are we all here? And... who are we? And it made me think of the iconic 1985 coming-of-age film...
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Site Changes That Would Make GAG Amazing

1. Allow us to edit or delete our comments or replies. 2. On polls, move "updates" ABOVE poll options, so that people see the updates before voting on the poll. 3. Allow people to change their vote on a poll. This is...
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The moderators and admins on G@G.

Feeling a bit cheesy tonight so might as well, I think this is the right place? I wish to share an opinion I’ve formed over time and give a big shout-out to the mods and admins of this site. Never mind the fact that the...
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Tips for Crafting a MHO-worthy opinion

Hello G@Gers! Today, we’re going to be discussing various tips in crafting an opinion and increasing your chances of getting MHO (Most Helpful Opinion). Of course, there is a disclaimer! These are generalized tips, but...
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An Update for The GAG Feed! What's New?

Hi G@Gers Just in time for the Holiday Season, we have updated the GAG Feed to make it bolder, more accessible, and easier for you to leave your opinions on questions and see everything on polls! Where Can I See The...
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An Update for Blocking! What's New?

Hi G@Gers! A lot of you have been asking for a long time to be able to NOT see any more opinions or replies from users you have blocked. The new update will now allow you to block these messages so that you no longer see...
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New Podcast for Gagsters

What Have I Been Up To? So, I haven't been on here very much over the past several months other than to talk to some people via message. There was a reason for it, I was working on a podcast for all you Gagsters out...
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How do I look in under 24 hours?

So I have been trying to piece this together as best I can so one picture at a time On the mobile app, It shows you all the questions that have ever been asked in order. But after that Cinderella 24 hour period poof they...
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Why Auto-Selection of MHOs is Bad, and Why 3 Days is Even Worse

Yet another site design change has occurred. Here's the official word: "Regarding the MHO system, the timeframe for picking MHOs was settled on as 3 days. Apart from extraordinary circumstances, the 3 day timeframe is...
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GAG's Best Users and Why We Appreciate Them

Stemming from the three polls I did a few days ago, these are the users who were voted to be the best of these three categories: Most Influential (Positive), Funniest/Most Entertaining, and Most Honest. It's obvious to...
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How We All Can Help Other GAG Users :)

So we are all on here to help out, right? (Maybe more to socialize, some of us) Well I think one way we can help people on here is to consider others’ situations and be more encouraging instead of degrading. After all,...
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More Trolls! Spidey's Response! :)

So... On my G@G travels people can't seem to stop trolling me, and apparently I'm the one who's the bully. I found another trolling opinion about me, so enough said and let's dive into this! I'm not hurt by this by the...
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When Will People Just Stop? :(

I usually start my MyTakes with 'Today has been a good day' or something like that. I'd be lying if I said that today. Today so far has not been a good day. At all. I woke up with the really bad joint pain I get because...
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