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I have tried mobile website desktop website and app all of them glitch. The best is Mobile but even then you will see down below that it too has major GLITCHES Here is my most recent work ruined I WANT TO APOLOGISE TO...
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Why does she keep haunting me. Why won't the pain go away.

So these are now the songs which are trapped in my mind now. Since I always watched 90 Day Fiancee and the commercials play in my head. I know I sound like a broken record, and Im sorry....
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I like GirlsAskGuys a million times more than the Millennial trash that is Reddit.

I recently joined GirlsAskGuys a few weeks ago and it's so refreshing to be on here. It's the total antithesis of Reddit, except for the lack of "intellectual" discussions. It IS social media, after all. However, where...
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"Freedom of speech" vs "freedom not to be verbally abused"

This mytake is to address the growing issue on this site and probably many other online sites although this is the only online site I'm on.... And to clear up the misunderstanding, misconception and misuse of what Freedom...
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Open Letter to my First Ex-Fiancee. (2002) - I am sorry for beating this like a dead horse. But you people are as close to family as I can get :(

So it was 2002.A time in my life which was hard already, dealing with 9/11, seeing my friends die, and seeing a plane going into Tower 2.... A time when dial up was the only way to communicate.. 144 baud.... Im sure we...
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I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. Thank You. I would like to say a special Thank You to those who responded to MyTake 24 hours ago.. @Cutenerd9, @Olderandwiser, @Can-I-Get-A-DoOver, @Enochian, @Elly01, @Gwenhwyfar,...
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How I decide if my question is successful

Well, here goes my first Mytake. Sometimes I see questions like "how do you write good questions on here?" and then I thought about the type of questions that I've written myself and what was my intention behind them. I...
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Why I block people

Hello dear friends! I'm writing this my take so people won't be confused if I block them. I saw someone say that they never block people because it's like oppressing freedom of speech, and I agreed in that moment. I used...
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Self-Esteem: How I Choose My Influences and Why I'm Never Insulted On GAG (A Guide To Consider)

This post will be different from other things I post about confidence, conceit, and insecurity in that this post is all 100% opinion and just my way of doing things. Keep that in mind. I think a big part of self-esteem is...
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Asking Do Men... Or Do Women... Questions Is Not The Best Way To Get Real Answers...

For anyone that answers/reads a lot of my posts, maybe you've noticed, or maybe not 🤷🏼‍♀️ a lot of my questions are worded as "Do you think" or 'Have you" or "Would you". And there's a reason for that. This way, I'm...
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Ducky’s guide on fixing G@G

Think of this as an open letter to the G@G administration. I fully accept that the best case scenario is that they will ignore this. I also realize that they may very well modify my words or just remove it completely....
Quackthulu m
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Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards

I just wanted to write this for the cowards that have insulted people anonymously just because they wanted to, with no provocation, or anything. but also to those that have been victim of these low self esteem...
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Effective and Ineffective Uses of GAG

GOOD Gaining insight into relationship challenges - You'll get opinions and some are helpful, some are mean spirited. Filter well. Out of this, good relationships can be formed with the right people Sharing your wisdom -...
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Feminism, MGTOW, and What I Learned Playing Devils Advocate in MyTake

For the past year or so I have engaged in a type of "clickbait" social experiment of users in the GAG community. The idea was to put forward an outlandish or controversial opinion from both sides of the societal...
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Sign This 'We the Users of GAG Want an Edit Feature Added' Petition?

GAG Creators/Designers/Developers do not believe giving users the capability to edit is a good idea. I do not know why. I asked them about this, and this was their response: "We currently do not allow editing to prevent...
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Age and it's impact on GirlsAskGuys

Recently I posted this question. Are there age restrictions on girls ask guys or is girls ask guys for every age group? This seemed to have people talking about younger ages before 18 talking with adults. But I was...
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Working as a home health aide during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Wednesday, April 15th. 2020. I assist your mom in cooking her favorite meals because she has frequent falls in the kitchen. I reassure you that your father’s physical therapy is helping, and I can see the improvements...
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Can you nominate at least five (5) candidates for the brightest minds of G@G?

I'll be brief... I don't typically do this. I've hardly "called out" anyone on G@G. I'm making an exception and it's a positive one. Some people deserve recognition for their brilliance. I can sense their genius after...
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1 Year on GAG: A Thanks To These Users and What Has Kept Me Here

Okay, so let’s be honest... When I started GAG a year ago I was kind-of closed-minded to doing things online, such as making friends. Actually, I was VERY closed-minded to it. I thought nah, my life is enough and I love...
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Get To Know Me ⋅ ♫ ⋅ Sonorous

Like the people before me, I was not tagged... 😅 I saw @tallandsweet 's post and decided to make one as well. But I mean, this has turned into more of a "do it even if ya ain't tagged" kinda challenge... So ima just go...
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