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The Real Strength And Beauty Of A Moonchild.

This is not my usual kind of mytake. Or not really a mytake as much as it's a take of my thoughts, feelings for someone I greatly appreciate and admire. This is dedicated to a beautiful, strong, courageous woman I met...
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What has your time on GAG taught you about yourself?

I was going to make this a spontaneous question for all, but I was running out of characters so I'm switching over to a MyTake instead. This was not my intention, so please treat this as a question and answer this...
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Did you ever get to say what you needed to before someone died? or are you still waiting and hope that there will be time? this song sums up what im trying too ask do you let things build up and before you can say or do anything it just becomes to late. does it bother you afterwards or does it eat you...
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Is this the most frightening thing you've ever seen on YouTube? "We've been waiting for you all summer and we're finally glad you're here!"
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Tips for Crafting a MHO-worthy opinion

Hello G@Gers! Today, we’re going to be discussing various tips in crafting an opinion and increasing your chances of getting MHO (Most Helpful Opinion). Of course, there is a disclaimer! These are generalized tips, but...
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If you had to pick a song to represent GaG what would it be?

My pick
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Had a great weekend, how was yours?

"They played with freedom on the pitch and they fought for freedom off it. So when you wear the shirt remember what they did" My football club on remembrance weekend!
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Tag someone on G@G who needs to hear this song? National anthem of sugar daddies! This question is just for fun.
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Give me a good life song?

Up or down doesn't matter let's hear them all. I've got one to kick it off.
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I just opened my G@G account to find 3,427 notifications that mine was the Most Helpful opinion on all those questions, since yesterday?

While I’d like to thank each and every asker personally, ain’t nobody got time for that, so thank you to all! Have you ever received such an immense honor?
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How representative do you think this G@G community is of the general world population?

Do you feel you get pretty typical opinions on things here, or are these comments and opinions often surprising to you? How accurate a sampling of people in general, do you think you see here? Is it skewing or having any...
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So whats your favourite most recent victory?

So by little victory I'm not talking about job promotion/entering a new relationship etc but rather a more mundane/unexpected event which puts a smile on you face. So like finding a random pond coin/dollar note on the...
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Is this a good romantic song?
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Do you think it’s child abuse for women to choose to become single mothers?

Women are apparently choosing to be single mothers because they rather have children than find a husband, it’s arrogant to think that you could be a mom with a husband. The video below is about women who chose to become...
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This challenge could start an epidemic?

so y'all doing this challenge licking food at the store and putting it back? I don't know what this world has come to tbh... ?
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Who misses this kind of music? #freestlylemusic #longlivefreestyle #throwback
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Would y'all ever try this?

this one gone almost wrong but would y'all try this ever? me nope never lol
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