9 Real Issues That Men Face

Since I received on my last take on that list not showing REAL issues that men face, well, here we are. This will be in no particular order because they are all big in their own way. I hope you like it.

1. Male violence

Men have always been considered the more aggressive sex. Always have and probably always will be. In schools, fights are MORE likely to be between two boys then two girls any day. Dads are more likely to encourage their sons to fight back more than a mom would. So violence runs in the man's blood pretty deep. Men are more likely to be killed, the victim and perpetrator of a violent crime like a robbery, more likely to join a gang, and land in jail.

2. Education

In schools, men are falling behind in the education system. Studies have shown that women in the United States are going to school more than men (in the UK as well), and black men are least likely to go to college or drop out in high school. Males in school are lagging behind and don't see education as important.

3. Wage Gap

Due to lack of education in men in the United States, in big cities like Atlanta and New York, women under the age of thirty make more than men who are qualified for the same position. Since more women go to school, more women are becoming qualified. Some might say that this might sound wrong, but think about what I just said. More women are going to college than men. So that means more women are graduating college with bachelors and masters than men, so there are more qualified woman workers in the work force.

4. Domestic abuse

We all know that women are more likely to be the victim of domestic abuse-- rather its by her husband, boyfriend, or even father. The abuser is often identified as male, and over the last few decades, we have seen more shelters, fundraisers, and charities for women (and their children) who are victims of abuse, and help can easily be sought after. But women can be the abuser too and their target; either the lesbian lover, child, or even husband. In America and the UK, male domestic abuse victims are around forty percent. Married men are more likely to be abused than men who are dating. When it comes to helping male domestic abuse victims, finding help can be harder because the police are more like to be unsympathetic and this leads to low conviction rates.

5. Prostate cancer

Do not think I am bashing breast cancer because I am not on this part. Breast Cancer, in fact, all cancers are serious. According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer while 1 in 7 men get prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer is just as serious as breast cancer with the risk just the same.

6. Work Place deaths

Men account for 93% of work related deaths in the US, this number is relatively high considering how many women work along side men. Fishermen, loggers and truck drivers have some of the highest work related deaths by far with firefighters and airplane pilots not far behind. These deaths often go unreported in the media.

7. Homelessness

According to a 2007 survey, 70% of homeless victims were men. Men are more likely to wind up on the streets where they die five years earlier than men who don't live on the streets. This is a problem that goes unreported in society.

8. Family Court

Over a century ago, women had zero rights where the husband had it all. While our great grandmothers had it pretty bad when it came to fair play, there is a bias in the court rooms today that doesn't really help our society. Women who seek sole-custody of the kids is 5 out of 6 times more likely to receive that wish than fathers. Conservative judges (especially male) are more likely to grant women sole custody to mothers than to fathers because of sexism where women stay at home with the kids and the father has to give child support. Men are automatically seen as bad parents, even when they are far from it. Most surveys suggest that parents who split up the custody themselves do just fine.

9. Masculinity

As men, being a man can be our own worst enemy. Instead of restraining ourselves, fathers are more likely to teach sons that lashing out is better because its masculine and restraint are feminine. In our society, we teach men that hiding emotion is ok because it's what real men do. In society, boys are more likely to aim low than aim high for education.


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  • If this is coming from a none violent, alt right place, than I commend you for this. I agree that toxic masculinity effects men more and that men need to stop perpetuating these unhealthy standards.

    And men have to do more laborious work. It is not easy. I think its good that you take these issues seriously because more men should... it would make it better for everyone

    • Masculinity can be toxic just like u said.

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    • Thank you for MHO!^^ :)

    • Something very wrong with your comment and the perspective from which you're looking at this issue. I'll let you figure it out. (clue:

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  • Point #9 needs to expanded one hell of a lot.

    Men carry the burden of performance. A man, by himself, is biologically and socially nearly worthless. A woman, by contrast, has due to having an uterus a lot of inherent biological and social value.

    The only means that a man can aquire value is to deliver performance. And if a man does not perform, he is no man. He needs to quit moaning and "man up".

    That is the background to your excellent quote by Michael Kimmer.


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  • Nice mytake, though you should probably add in the USA and the UK (and western countries overall) at the end of your article's title. Because as long as I have lived in an arab country, I have NEVER seen a man have these issues (except the biological ones, and both genders have their own). Men are pretty much sacred creatures where I live. They were the ones to be sent to school because women were believed to belong home doing all the cooking and cleaning and stuff. Although the situation has improved today, They make 30% more than women. Before, you would hardly hear women taking their husbands to court, I mean the man could cheat on her, take her money, beat the life out of her, marry other women as he has the right to and doesn't legally need her acceptance, and she would still take it because of how divorced women were seen and treated in some countries of the arab world. women would rarely dare filing for divorce. And fathers hardly ever ask for custody because they are mostly uncapable and unwilling to take care if a child, and they do not give their wife/child a penny because there is no strict control of this. And another suit for that would take YEARS. I will stop here but the problems of being a man probably exist in your country, they don't exist in mine. People should always remember that they write from their POV, and their POV is not always representative.

  • Another thing I want to mention is relationships: No matter what a woman looks like there would always be a man for her or a man pleasuring her but it's not the same for men. If a man is called ugly or updateable by woman's standards, then he might fall into his own insecurity and probably become an incel. I take for granted that I'm a woman but MEN are the true ones who run the world here: Fathers, sons, Heros and more, MEN deserve to get more praise for the things that they do.

    • "and probably become an incel."

      As someone, who desires a good woman in his life I can tell you on behalf of those like me - you appreciating us is a grand gift! Even the word gift would be a weak word for it!
      I think you will make some boy really lucky and happy.

    • Women can be good too you know. Women can run the world and have in the past done such in different ways, just search it up. Women can be heroes.

      Men are not the true ones who run the world just because you hear it more.

      WOMEN are also true to running and ran the world, powerful. Women, Mothers, Daugters, Heroes and more. WOMEN deserve to get more praise for the things that they do.

    • @Atlai Women used to be heroes when they were raising their children. Now they leave them in kindergarten to be raised by other women who feel no love for that child whatsoever. See how that generation of children will turn out! I'm so grateful that my mother worked part-time and found the time to properly raise me. Most of the kids I grew up with didn't even learn table manners.

  • I mostly hear and see men telling guys to quit crying and man up honestly. I disagree, men are now told that it's okay to cry or even act womanly. I feel like masculinity is under a lot of attack these days.

    • Yep if a man over the age of 7 is crying they are a baby

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    • @RAMboJ03 TRUE

    • But it's women who don't care if men are crying.

  • 1. Itchy balls

    • well you're a girl at least you don't have to deal with itchy balls, it sucks because when a guy has to scratch down there, we want to really scratch but because their delicate we don't want to hurt ourselves :-/

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    • @thatguyfromtoronto We can get itchy boobs. Especially when it's hot out and we get boob sweat. Or like washing our bras in a detergent we may be sensitive to. How would you like it if I just started itching and rubbing my breasts in front of...

      Wait. Nevermind.

    • @Nyx_85 They would actually love to see you touch your boobs, so don't give them that visual.

  • First of all with the family court thing, that's sadly his problem. No one told him to have premarital sex and lust after the mother. No one told him to do this and not get married first before having sex. But sense people want to believe what they want, they want to complain about this. Your child if your a father didn't ask to be born. It's bad enough you have dumb chicks doing the same. Society overall has issues. Deep-seated issues. It's sad that our world is really going to the dogs, as my late mother would say. The issue is, yes. As a person who loves and cares about men and society, men do have issues. But the sad part is, the world doesn't care. Your just a commodity and a number. Your social security name you are born with. When you destroy godly values everything gets screwed up. All of this, that sadly people don't see was done on purpose, planned and well executed.

    • lol... wha?
      you just mixed in a whole bunch of shit with another whole bunch of shit. and you sound like someone who cries over spilled milk.
      you probably got double standards

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    • c#### vote so they get the advantage is divorces. We all know this. Women are the ones intiating sex. I know plenty of guys didn't want sex and the woman left. I can tell you a lot of women want sex more than dudes.
      Men are whining? Are really that stupid? Men die on the job, men has a high suicide rate. Men have been disposable for millions of years. It's women who whined they were oppressed. I can tell you the reason women are oppresses is because they are f**** cry babies that can't hold themselves to the same standards of men. Now women has it better than men and c*** still cry about it.
      Women turned the backs of men but the Muslims are here and they will be coming for you. Karma always comes and the balance always restores.

    • @Tdieseler This dumb bitch thinks family courts is only about children. Women still collect alimony. Now the tides are turned where the women make more than men and now women are starting to be afraid of divorce because men can collect alimony. Women have been whining paying alimony when men have been paying for may decades.

  • I find this a bit hilarious because the way you're pointing out how men are ruining the world. No offense.

  • #9--honestly, I feel that there is nothing that can be done here on our end of this. Every time I have personally said or written a take saying that men should be allowed to release emotions, MEN are the ones that lash back and say, men don't cry, and why are you trying to make us into women, we weren't meant to show emotions like women. So forget it. Suffer in silence!!! I don't know what you want here. You try and help, and you get beat up for it. So by all means, fix this issues within your own group of males and decide what you want to do about this as a group and report back what the consensus is. And it's not just that, either. How can we, men AND women, work together to solve or alleviate these issues if every time we here "you don't get it," "all women think this way," "feminism blah blah," " don't tell us what to do or who we are," "we aren't the same (duh)," "or you only care about yourselves," or "women have it so easy." I see that just in the comments here, and yes, it goes both ways.

    • Because we have all been raised knowing that males who cry aren't real men, what do you expect? Do you expect us to change our mindset just like that?

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    • @Tukindz They say "men should express their emotions" and so the men do and they say "well it doesn't matter! Shut up alt right!" They are hypocrites

    • Meh. Rather sort it out myself.

  • Men also have a higher percentage death rate for all of the cancers (with the exceptions of ovarian, cervical and breast cancer).
    Though, men can also get breast cancer (nature likes to fuck around with people doesn't it?).
    To be honest when women say they are oppressed I get the impression that they then oppress men it shouldn't be like that it should be equal (at least in my view).
    My belief is that women's fights are more common than men's because women fight through talking rather than physically women are much more emotionally abusive than men which is probably more scarring than physical wounds how many times do women fall out compared to men? they bitch behind people's backs and then expect that not to be happening to them talk about a hypocritical.
    Ah, here I go again, hating on my own gender/sex to the point that I seem detached, whoops, though I hate showing emotion or at least the "weak" emotions like crying because of sadness and screaming because of fear. Then again I was pretty sensitive as a child but now I feel kind of detached from the world and my surroundings and if I'm crying then it's usually because I'm overtired and close to my period (I seem to get more emotional a few days before if I don't have enough sleep).
    That was probably a little too much info but what can I say? I'm inclined to overshare sometimes.
    But, really I'd imagine most of the things you stated are because of sexism to put women first e. g. the homeless men fact is probably because people want women off of the streets more than men.
    Then again this is from my own knowledge and experience as a woman living in a western country brought up in a western culture.

  • Good to know


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  • Its hard to be a man in general... just wished that women would appreciate us instead of taking us for granted !!!

    • Yeah same

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    • @Tdieseler Totally agree... if there is one thing i've learned its just to mind my own damn business and leave them alone. And yet ironically they still get upset because i dont pay attention to them... geez give me a break, and let me find my peace!

    • "Damned if you do, damned if you don't"
      One of the mottos i use when dealing with women. There usually is no winning if decision making is placed on both of them. Women say they like to make the decision, but watch what happens when that decision making becomes heavy, they you hear "you are the man, make the decision"...
      or my favorite,
      you: "what restaurant would you like to go to..."
      she: "How about you pick"
      you: "How about that chinese place"...
      she: "Nah, i don't want chinese.

      Men understand that to get something, you gotta lose something. Women just want the best of both world. Either way, they want it to be all good, and it doesn't work that way.
      Look at marriage, they get married, they get what they want. If its not going good, meh, take half his stuff out of spite.
      Lol... like you said Rob, i don't hate em, i just leave them alone till I want something.

  • women have easier lives and yet they complain how bad the world is

  • "We all know that women are more likely to be the victim of domestic abuse" this is not necessarily true. According to the CDC most domestic violence is mutual, and that which is not is most likely the woman beating on the man. (source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4062022/) and further it is most likely the woman initiating the violence in mutually violent situations.

    "and land in jail." even for the same crime with the same background a woman will get a reduced sentence.

    I can list other things as well.

  • I think a lot of men die because it is more common for a man to recive harder jobs such as milatarry miening skyscraper building etc jobs that have major dangerous. women work those jobs to but most of it is done by men.

  • Peeing standing up is hard, because of splash. Ladies need to understand it's not our fault the toilet rim is a mess.

  • I don't like feminism and political correctness. Stupid university students and college kids conning out social snow flakes who can't hack it in the world because they graduated. The real world is Hard and tough. Stop sucking on momies titties and start training for the real world. You don't learn by reading Pokemon books.

  • Don't be a girlie-man - Toughen the hell up and be on your mission, go be awesome. And remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

  • I always doubt those "males abused by women" stats on the internet. Is verbal abuse included and what's the % it represents?

    • Sharp objects, threats / psychological abuse to just take it , medical conditions and injury leaving the guy in a weekend state.
      I imagine times of injury and long lasting sickness can increase tensions in couples and the likelihood of abuse especially if she's not use to him being the slow one and having to be patient.

    • @sedrftvgyhujik I can imagine lots of things and situations, including revenge by a cuckolded woman.
      "Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd." in the 1697 play The Mourning Bride (Act III Scene 2) by William Congreve.

  • You're spot-on with all of these except #3. I seriously doubt you can back that claim up. Otherwise, kudos.

  • I agree with some of these but not all of them.

  • Romans 12:2
    and be not conformed to the ways of this world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind,

  • I'm going to define my own terms of masculinity ThankYouVeryMuch

  • I'm not so sure about some of these facts, but I agree men do face some of these issues. I think the only way that we're worse off than women is that if there's a war, we'll be the ones who'll be drafted and die

  • Last part was interesting

  • Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Men being more violent, sounds like you have never had sisters.

  • core issues

  • Some of these are initiated by men alone, such as no.2 about education. However, this was a very good take. I find that a lot of people overlook the fact that men also have issues in modern society and say "toughen up". That's a really bad way to go about improving the world, and I wish in the future everyone's problems will be better addressed.

    • Yes, agree. We can stop this who has it worse game and just fix the problems instead

  • Actually, most domestic abusers are female. The men just don't report it, or if they do, they are disregarded.

    • I wouldn't say 'most' abusers are female. But I would say most 'unreported' domestic violence cases involved female abusers. Police need to take every case reported very seriously!

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    • @Atlai Western society places great emphasis on the support networks and services that they provide for DV victims. However, a lot of these services are catered to the unique demands of women, and therefore invertertly ignore the needs of men. We also don't live in Victorian times. Physically speaking, there isn't such a huge span between genders. In fact, some women can quite easily out power some men.

    • @Atlai Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury Between Relationships With Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Intimate Partner Violence www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1854883/

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