The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

For the record, I am no longer single; however, I know what it is like to be a single man. For that reason, I decided to write a Take on some reasons why men stay single for a long time. Before I continue this Take, let me make something clear. There are 2 types of men in this world:

-There are men that don't value relationships and just want sex and hookups.

-There are men out there that genuinely want a partner and a real relationship.

This Take is catering to men who want a real relationship and not a hookup. If you are looking for a hookup, this Take may help you a little bit, but I am speaking to men who want more than just a hook up.

Finally, I am creating this Take due to the amount of requests from my previous Take, The Real Reason Why Women Are Single

Let's begin!

The Introverted/Shy Man:

The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

Let me say this - THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING AN INTROVERT. To be perfectly honest, I am introvert, and I don't really like being around people. However, if you want to meet women, you need to learn to conquer your introverted personality.

Women are passive creatures, and they expect men to do the approaching. For example, if you sit at a bar all night long, no matter how good you look, women won't approach you (unless you're famous or well known). They expect you to make the first move.

When it comes to shyness and introversion, you have to learn to turn it off and on. Did you know that famous people like Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0) has a social phobia and is very shy when he is not on camera?

In order to meet women, you need to learn how to step outside of your comfort zone. If you go to a party, for example, and you just sit down the entire night and expect women to approach, it's not going to happen. You need to take initiative and approach women yourself to get any results.


If you want to build confidence in this department, you should go out once a day and just approach and talk to random strangers. This will help you learn that it is okay to talk to random people and that not all interactions will be pleasant.

For example, if you approach 100 women in one day, maybe 95 of those women will show no interest in you, but 5 will. It's a numbers game, and the more women you talk to, the greater chance you have at meeting one that is your type.

This is precisely why I hate it when people say, "he's a player, because he talks to so many women". In all honesty, a man should be talking to a lot of women, up until he is IN A RELATIONSHIP. If you only talk to 2 women, chances are, at some point, both those women will flake on you. Talk to 10, 15, 20, 25 women at the same time and you will find that one "4 leaf clover" in the "field of clovers". Once you find that "clover," weed out the rest.


The Average/No Style Man

The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

Not being stylish actually ins't a deal breaker. However, many men don't take pride in the way they present themselves and it makes them look average, unkempt and undateable. Looking average is never okay, because how do you expect to stand out? When it comes to meeting women, your personality can go a long way, but the way you look and dress will also help out tremendously.

A lot of men lack confidence these days. By dressing like a "winner" you will start to become a "winner" and you will gain more confidence in yourself. A man who feels like a million bucks will come off as confidence in the eyes of a woman.

When you are going out there to meet women, it is important that you dress like someone who is a success. I am not saying that you have to wear a suit to meet women, but when you go out, dress nice. Check out the examples below:

The Real Reason Why Men Are SingleThe Real Reason Why Men Are SingleThe Real Reason Why Men Are Single

As I said, personality is important when meeting women, but having the look to backup your personality is very important. Before dates or before going out to meet women always make sure that you:

-You are well groomed

-Well showered

-Smell good (cologne)

-Dress well

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be a chore and it doesn't have to be expensive. Just get some scented body wash and cologne at Wal-Mart, buy some nice, inexpensive styles at H&M, and shower and spruce up before you go out on a date or go out before you meet women. Doing these little things can go a long way.


The Lame Man

The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

As a man, it's very important to be passionate about something. Having a passion drives us to get up each and every day and propels us to want to do better in life. However, a lot of men don't have a passion in today's generation, and that can equate to being boring and even being a "loser".

If you go on a date with a woman, and she asks you to tell her more about about, what are you going to say? If you saying something like this:

"Ummmm... I like to watch TV, sleep in on the weekends, play video games and relax."

You're going to have a very hard time finding a woman who appreciates you. Sure, you can talk to a woman about current TV shows and maybe video games, if she plays videos games, but you haven't introduced her to anything new.

Women like adventures, men who share their passions and introduce her to new experiences. If you don't have a passion, you need to find one. A lot of men out there play video games, and that's cool, but if you're sitting inside all day, what new experiences can you provide for a woman?

There's so many things out there in the world that you can find interests/passions in:

-You can travel around and see new places.

-You can take up cooking classes and learn how to whip up new and interesting dishes.

-You can be a music lover that loves concerts and someone who creates music as a hobby.

-You can get into health/fitness and take up gym classes and body building.

-You can learn about cars and have a passion for tuning them up/customization.

-You can be an avid reader and maybe dabble with writing your own material.

-You can be into wine taste and visit different wine tasting places around the area.

These are all things you can have hobbies in, become passionate about and areas where you can provide an adventure for the girl you're dating. It's good to have more than one interest, because it will make you seem all the more interesting to the woman you are meeting.


It's important to have some sort of interests. At all costs, avoid interests that involve sitting inside all day (watching TV or gaming). It's okay to be an avid TV watcher or a gamer, but have other interests to back it up.

Let me ask you, when describing your interests and passions to a woman, which sounds better?:

Sample A:

"I really enjoy watching TV, trying different soda, sleeping in when I can and playing video games online with my friends."

Sample B:

I'm a jack-of-all trades kind of man. I do everything and anything, and I'm very open to new experiences. I know quite a bit about cars, home improvement, I dabble in gardening, watch sports, love fashion, love to cook and come up with new dishes, learn how to fix things, you name it! I have a lot of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. I love to do salsa dancing, take yoga classes, boxing, and I go to the gym pretty often because fitness is important to me. On top of that, I'm very adventurous, and I love to do activities that are outdoors; whether it be boating, fishing, bowling, walking around the city at night or even skinny dipping at my apartment complex late at night.


The Real Reason Why Men Are Single

As a man, there can be a wide variety of reason why you are single. However, for this Take, I choose some of the main issues I see when men try to get out on the dating circuit.

Honestly, dating is a numbers game. If you are SINGLE and you are only interacting with one woman, be prepared for heart break. You should always be talking to multiple women, just in case one flakes. Once you get into a relationship, you can then weed out the other women that didn't make the cut. However, it's up to you to take action, get out of your shell and talk to women.

Grooming and dressing well is also important. While your personality will carry you, if you look like an average Joe, you will most likely be overlooked. You don't have to be a "metro sexual" and get heavy into grooming, primping and fashion. All you need to do is put some thought into what you wear, smell good and keep your hair under control. If you look like a confident person, you will feel like one also.

Finally, it's important to have passions and interests. If you are the kind of man who sits on the couch all day, doesn't go out at all and you aren't working towards anything, what new experiences can you provide for a woman? Woman like men who seek adventure, men who like to go out and do new things, men who can introduce her to their world and open up about their interests. If you take pride in yourself and your hobbies, women will want to be around you, as they will deem you to be a man of high quality and a man of many interests.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let go of your Urkel and open up your inner Stefan:

And get out there and mingle:


Most Helpful Girl

  • I can't stress over how important dress-up is for me. A man has no control over his face or his height or his skin. A man has no control over his crooked nose which is why I never ever judge a man by his looks. But facial expressions, clothes etc are things that truly matter to me,

    • Wow, I am always clean and groomed, but I dress to be comfortable, period. Shorts or jeans, tshirt or flannel, depending on the weather. I don't waste money on designer shit, or accessories. I don't judge others by what they are wrapped in, and I'd advise you to do the same.

    • Show All
    • @JakeP43 Someone who finally understood my point. Thank you.

    • No worries 😉

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a pretty good take. But I think it's better to do all of those things purely to further your self in life, not in any relation to women.


    Just ask yourself, in what ways do women improve themselves to attract men?

    Do they pursue a multitude of interesting hobbies?

    Do they learn new skills?

    How many women do you know that are very interesting?

    How many women do you know that you can learn something new from every time you talk to them?

    Aside from dressing to impress, makeup, and hair, what do women do to add value to the man's life, compared to what a man is advised to do, or does?

    As far as I can see, the man improves all areas of his life to increase his chances of attracting a woman, but what does the woman do?


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What Girls Said 11

  • I'll take the introverted lame man cause I'm the female version. lol

  • Thank you! I was tired of some these gag men complaining how they couldn't find dates. This my take actually works for women to.

  • Nice read. Makes a lot of sense. I hope guys read it.

  • great job!

  • Nice! The confidence thing is so true.

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What Guys Said 60

  • Most people, men and women, I would say about 80%, don't have "passions' per say, but dabble in a bunch of different things. Most people are basic in that they have basic hobbies and interests which include TV shows, movies, music, camping, concerts, museums, fitness, the occasional trip or vacation, writing, reading, video games, etc. Most people don't have the money or the time to travel on the regular or the desire to spend copious amounts of time learning something like learning an instrument or a martial art.

    There are homebody women out there. Just because you like anime, video games, reading fantasy novels, watching horror movies, playing D&D, going to nice restaurants, cooking, poetry, theater, and other typical introvert or geeky hobbies, doesn't mean there aren't women out there that will appreciate that in her mate and may even enjoy many of the same interests.

    I say as long as you are willing to go on new adventures with your partner, it shouldn't matter too much if have crazy interesting hobbies, skills, or stories to tell. If you like a certain hobby, pursue it for own benefit, not because you think woman will find it attractive. Take Salsa dancing for example; if you don't like it or don't want to spend the vast amounts of time to master it, just because some women find dancing sexy, doesn't mean you need to learn it for their approval.

    The key to not being boring or uninteresting is not to pad your life with fluff that you think others will approve of. The key is to recognize your own self-worth (as you are now or as you are working to be), to be enthusiastic about what you do regardless of what it is, to have the right attitude, and to not care what women think about it. You are a man of our own purpose and vision, and no woman should pressure you to compromise that.

    It is true, no all women will care for what you have to offer. Not all will like that you are a middle age man who loves his anime, video games, metal concerts, theater, poetry, historical sites, random knowledge, and so on. But you aren't looking for ALL women. You are looking for the one of the select few that is compatible with you and desires you for who you are and not because you can amuse her with your "cool life".

    (If you are depressed about your life, don't feel comfortable where you are, want to make some changes, then do it! But don't do it impress others, do it because you genuinely want to).

  • Very good and informant Take, I used all these back when I was a player. Its a good way to get More than one girl. You could say "you find the four-leaf clover in a field of clovers".. wonderful reference by the way, but look at all the clovers you have to go through, it would take a lifetime to sort through all, so some of us (me) sort through em like 5 .. or more, at a time. And believe me, when you have that much attention, as a guy, its hard to just "weed out" the rest.
    These are good Main reasons why many guys are single... there are so many other minor ones... for example, the one I use. Choice. Im single by choice. Relationships only look promising and hopeful to people who
    1. haven't been in any or many
    2. don't know how to cut through feminine bullshit
    3. are lonely.
    I know im missing a few more, but I've come to think of them, relationships AND females as a headache. Always something to do or prove. Why can't I just be myself and be accepted? always some "standard" to meet.
    Now, after saying all that, I've broken EVERY SINGLE ONE of these reasons and still been able to pull many girls... im introverted, i like my game and computer time, and i love dressing like what is called a "bum", hell sometimes, i go weeks without shaving. It doesn't affect anything, matter of fact, it helps me weed out the potential headaches, because they stay away... for the most part. All i do is make em laugh.
    Add a couple drinks on my end, and that goes into overdrive. I don't need to advertise, all i gotta do is say hello. The only time i advertise is when I've got an agenda.

  • This is actually ridiculously accurate.
    Pretty much any guy has a success rate of say 2-3/10. Ask 10 girls out and 2 nay say yes. However not every guy is confident enough to ask a girl out, let alone ask 8 more girls after he is rejected twice. This is one of the reasons i respect some players. The few players that i know and are friends of mine dont get every girl they approach. What sets them apart is that they have a bottomless well of confidence. If one girl tells them no, it won't affect their drive to ask out 2-3 more girls. If they dont get lucky in one night, it doesn't affect their deaire to try again next week. Thats actually something very nice to have.

    This take can and should be taken in an inspirational way. Otherwise, the truth is that you are kind of a pessimist and a defeatist.

    The only thing i didn't like in this take were the pics of examples of mens fashion.
    They look horrible.
    Modern mens wear is absolutely ridiculous.
    I will gladly wear some cleancut old school clothes over this stuff 😂😂

  • These are pretty generic explanations that are true sometimes. Having said that, I don't think this is a bad Take, but the bad part is that all it does is fuel the female ego and entertain their reasons for rejecting men.

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