A Shy Girl's Guide on Manipulating Guys

A Shy Girl's Guide on Manipulating Guys

Shy ladies, are you looking to manipulate men? Well, look no further, this article is just for you. This is how to manipulate men on the daily with little to no effort.

#1- Finding the victim/target of manipulation

Shy, young, inexperienced men are the easiest to manipulate. This type of man is blinded by beauty. If a man is highly physically attracted to you, then their personality doesn't even matter in manipulation.

#2- Dressing the part

Since these men are blinded by beauty, go for the look that you can capitalize on the most: it is the all natural look. No makeup makeup is the best in fooling them: Bb cream, light eye shadow, and mascara. Wear modest clothes as well, so that they will always be wondering what is underneath, but will never actually know. Tease them sometimes though.

#3- Playing the part

This type of guy is desperate for attention from ladies, so limited attention is the best type of attention for them. Do not put them in the friend zone, but rather put them in the acquaintance- zone instead. The acquaintance-zone: Little acknowledgement from one party (aka. you, the girl) to the other (your target). This is otherwise known as semi-ghosting.

#4- Acknowledgement

The more mysterious and aloof you are, the more intrigued by you they'll become. Say hi to them if you want, but do not acknowledge their presence any further. The only time you should be acknowledging them, is when you want something from them. This could be anything from a car ride, lifting bags and suitcases, killing cockroaches, helping with homework/your job, money, etc. Thank them for their time and efforts, and do not contact them or acknowledge them until you want the next favor from them.

#6- Do not attempt to be their friend!

Let THEM attempt to be your friend. The key in manipulating these men is keeping your distance from them. If they attempt to talk to you but are not offering you a service at the moment, brush them off and pretend you do not have time for them. Be shy and ignore them sometimes. If they are persistent, then a short conversation every now and then will do. If they offer a service, then by all means accept it if you would like their services.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post your opinion below.


Most Helpful Guy

  • So in other words, you feel inferior to men, so in order to feel some sense of control in the dynamic of a relationship, you have to manipulate them into thinking you're emotionally attractive. If you were genuinely confident in who you were, then there wouldn't be any need to put on a manipulative act in order to keep men interested in you. If you were genuinely confident in who you were, men would be attracted to you no matter what, hence you wouldn't need to resort to manipulation.

    You can't sell your genuine self to men romantically because you feel as if your genuine self isn't good enough. That's insecurity dude... and you're letting that insecurity negatively impact others on an emotional level which in return makes you a shit quality human being. I suggest that you work on your confidence because trying to build some false pretense relationship in which you manipulate to feel empowered is not healthy by any means.

    Women like you give all women a bad reputation. To men, not all women are this shitty. There are good ones out there... you just gotta keep looking.


Most Helpful Girl

  • What a nice way to fuck with a shy Guy's head. If he was shy already to approach girls, then your experience will only fuck him up more. I find this rather... heavy to pull on a shy/young/inexperienced guy.

    If you're the first girl that shows some kind of interest, and then pull away only to manipulate them that will scar them for life. No wonder so many men are so mad and distrusting in women/relationships.


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What Guys Said 70

  • 1. Any guy who fall for that is week and dumb guys don’t let women manipulate you just because of there looks they will fade.
    2. Once again looks will fade don’t be manipulated by looks alone there are millions of good looking women out there who are easy if your looking form someone to bone tinder is a great place.
    3 women are desperate for attention they want it as much as guys do women love it when you take an interest in them. If they give you limited attention move on to the next girl she not worth the frustration.
    4 if she just says hi and ignores you ignore her right back there are plenty of women out there and if she acts stuck up if they just call you up because they want something from you other then to talk to you ignore the bitch and go find someone who is responsible in there actions.

    5 sure try and be there friend but don’t offer them anything other then a conversation what have they done to deserve some sort of survive to you? You don’t know then you don’t need to be buying them drinks. If you want to give her a ride home or to get dinner that’s when you pay for the meal beyond that don’t let a women manipulate you. Your the man have self control and if any women act like what this women subjected then leave them alone and let them find the 400 pound fat guy with a unibrow massive acne because that’s what a shallow women like her deserves

  • This is the most toxic shit I've ever heard. Lady you are fucking nuts and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The only sane part here is don't put them in the friend zone. How about just flirt with them and see wher eit goes?

  • Any girl who does this to other men deserves to have the guy they really love cheat on them and toss them out like garbage.

    All this is doing is encouraging manipulation from other girls and other guys. Ask a player why he plays girls and he will tell you it's because a girl played him once.

    • That's a bit silly playing girls because a girl played him the way I see it you didn't like it being done to you so why do that to someone else that shit hurts

    • @NoOne_Special
      You are a wise and good individual. I'm not writing about myself, I'm just stating a reality of what occurs. Some people will become a player after getting played by a playette. I've seen it happen from my associates and friends. I've met a lot of bad people in my life. Some guys give up being caring and empathetic because a girl took advantage of this and hurt them.

      Bless you for your mindset and keeping your humanity.

  • what was #5? Aw dang! You got me curious already! :(
    Not going to lie but you're on point! But you know, having this attitude can be good or bad, can be good cause yes for the shy girl it builds up her ego like crazy and that's the best way to get her self esteem when it has been dried out at home, but, what happens when you meet a guy that actually puts up a fight? Will the narcissism go away? Will this egotistical attitude you're encouraging actually pay off other than manipulation? The answer is: YES! Absolutely! my current girlfriend was just like this, she would always try to manipulate, capitalize on looks, the being mysterious and all of it, but you know, there's some of us who actually have no idea what the girl is trying to do so for me, I'd keep asking questions until she gave me a yes or no answer, I hate ambiguity and I can only see black and white so this power thing wasn't working on me and to this, ironically, my girlfriend felt aggravated but at the same time glad that she found someone she could have fun in so many levels, she fell in love with me the more she tried to control me and the more she knew about me the more she fell to a point where she's going against her parents to date me (she's chinese I'm mexican) so if you're a girl know that you're probably going to find a lot of guys that you can apply this on but if you run into one like me that just won't fall for treachery those guys are the ones that are clever enough to see through your bullshit and if we're romantic, well, you're gonna have one hell of a relationship! happy manipulating! :D

  • None of this would do anything more than make me think the girl was playing games, lacked confidence, and any number of other things that are a 100% complete turn off to me. I'd move on, and fast. But then again, I'm probably not your target market, anyway.

    If you have to resort to manipulation, then you're off to a bad start, to be blunt.

    You don't like yourself very much, do you?

  • I've been manipulated by a few girls like this, ended up stealing/abusing my money and once they were done buying what the wanted they left me. Ever since these experiences I've felt worthless and my insecurity shows, I no longer can find a girl because I'm too afraid, and none of them are attracted to me because of my unconfidence.

    Good to know that you're promoting this

    • Also promptly go fuck yourself

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    • also take precautions measures

    • you're 17 at your age its bound to happen sooner or later, now since it happened to you before, here's what you need to know, a girl is a human being, you are not obligated to pay for her or buy her anything, you buy stuff only for someone you have been dating for a long time and love and she loves you and buys you stuff as well, if she's just for sex purposes then no need to spend money on her.

      behave like a quality guy, be cool , laid back and dont ever give her too much attentionm show attraction but dont be her doormat or personal servant that doesn't work.

      one more thing, i have talked to plenty of hot girls, i dated and went out with some, and interacated with plenty, they are as insecure and weak minded as anyone else, they know theyre hot and rely on it to fish guys, but those whom they can't use or manipulate are ultimately the ones who truly want, because they feel manly, smart and quality, you dont need to be a badboy but you need to say no.

  • How feminist and insecure. Why would you even consider to do this? It will only haunt you. No matter what your issues are, that is not the way to solve them, but rather make them worse. Men are no different from you and you'll only hurt someone with feelings like you.

    • Nothing about this post is feminist.

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    • @lumos Ok so you say "Nothing about this post is feminist." Well whatever it is it's DEAD WRONG. And so is feminism.

    • Lol sure jan

  • Ah, how nice. I can insert my openis. Opinion*. Erm... yes... my opinion. You probably have anti-social personality disorder OP. You might actually think that your post is just a joke, so you couldn't possible have anti-social personality disorder. But, I assure you, even if you intended for it to be a joke, the fact that you could even create this post says something very disturbing about your psychology. I am not saying this to be mean. I say this genuinely... go to a psychologist and tell him/her about your experiences socializing. You might find out you have sociopathic or even psychopathic tendencies... which, by the way, is a terrible thing. If you are, indeed, sociopathic or psychopathic, you need medical attention ASAP, because anti-social personality disorder is known to slowly ruin people's life. A lot of them commit suicide as a result. I say this sincerely, if you have ever had suicidal thoughts OP, it is imperative that you get help right away, because it seems pretty clear that you have some sort of anti-social personality disorder. Good luck, and may life be peaceful for you.

  • It's not going to work. At least not on me.
    Act uninterested and keep using us (me) for our benefits and you'll be dropped faster than you can say "I am sorry I did all that to you. Forgive me please?".

    Ladies, please don't listen to this if you want to make any man yours. It will really drive him away!

  • Doesn't work in the long run, if i initiate a few times and she never puts any effort in i just assume she isn't interested and ill friendzone her myself.

    Enjoy the manipulation all you want, eventually you end up alone once your biological clock runs out fully stressed out when you can no longer achieve your goals because you have been wasting time. Meanwhile the guy finds a great girl after you and develops a strong relationship.

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What Girls Said 29

  • A guide to effectively being a fake ass hoe so. you can use and abuse people - by that one bitch that wants to pretend she's still a virgin when her vagina is probably the size of a canyon.

    ... Yeah if you're an actual catch with an iota of worth, you wouldn't have to manipulate people. If anyone takes this seriously you're either naive or clearly not worth a dime.

  • Firstly, I'll give you props for having the proverbial gonads to post this.

    Secondly, most of this manipulation advice can be summed up by the "put in, pull out" tactic from the player's handbook. Lavish somebody with attention for a limited period of time, then randomly cease all contact; then, as they're on the fringe of forgetting about you, rinse and repeat. Psychologically, this causes something like withdrawal, because people are natural attention-addicts, and they start to subconsciously crave attention when it's withdrawn from them.

    The thing is, people can and will pick up on this tactic pretty damn quick. And when they do, you won't have a friend, or even an acquaintance. You'll have someone who hates your guts.

    It's not worth creating such a bitter relationship between yourself and someone else, especially if your only benefit from this whole endeavor is a temporary feeling of self-satisfaction from the attention that you're getting in turn. It's too cheap a thrill, in my opinion.

  • #7 ooooor just don't fucking do it because karma will bite you in the ass soon enough and you might just end up becoming the victim of a manipulative person yourself, and then have your heart broken in the same way you broke that other guy's heart.

  • What is the freaking point and maniplulation? It's wrong and pointlesss, you should be able to get what you want without doing this. It's kind of low.

  • I'd rather not need to use manipulation, i'd rather he just liked me for me.

  • Manipulating someone is wrong and hurtful no one deserves to be manipulated

  • Wow. The website technically let this take be featured? and it advises "manipulating someone"? What's wrong with editors? I haven't seen a BS very long time.

  • this is like red pill/PUA shit but for girls...
    just as cringey tho

  • but wait, what's the point of all this? so you made him interested in a fake version of you, what's in it for you?
    being fake and deceitful doesn't really sound like fun

  • I really hope this is one of those takes that's just meant to rile people up but not actually real, because if you actually think like this, it's very sad.

    First, as a naturally shy/ quiet person I can tell you no actually shy girl would do all that.

    Second, why do people think it's okay to use other people and talk about it like they are talking about their day? Being as a person who's been treated crappy by people more times then I haven't, I'm most assuredly against this nor would I ever do that to someone.

    Third, it's stuff like this that makes me realize why men think so poorly of us, gee I can't imagine why that would be (she say's sarcastically). This doesn't make woman look very good.

    Fourth, it's stuff like this that I realize why I could never have a female friend, I don't think like that, I don't act like that and I don't want to put up with listening to crap like that.

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