How to Attract Women (For Guys)

Yes, I’m aware that there are A LOT of takes about this. Am I still going to write mine? Fuck yeah. Let’s begin!

1.) Lookin’ good

How to Attract Women (For Guys)

Attracting someone ALWAYS starts with looking the part. I don’t care how much someone says “i only care about personality!!”. If you don’t look ok, you’re going to remain single.

Now, there’s genetics that decide a little about how you look. But DO NOT think this has you either set or set back. Also, do NOT bitch about your genetics.

What you SHOULD do:

-be hygienic, shower, brush your teeth, keep your hair neat.

-get your hair cut in a style that SUITS you, don’t try to look like someone you’re not. Ask a good hairstylist what they think you should get, better, ask several hairstylists what you should get.

-dress good. So many guys seem to fail to comprehend this?? I take my best friend (male) out shopping a lot, and when I give him a bit more experimental shit (i.e. Pink/purple colours in a style he’s unfamiliar with) he always gets compliments on it. He calls me his personal stylist now, lol. I don’t get why this seems so difficult to a lot of men? Instead of opting for the easy option, which is walking into one or two stores to get comfortable clothing then wear it for years on end, try to go for the option of browsing a lot of different stores and trying on things! Any man should have at least these items in my opinion:

~a white, black, grey t-shirt

~a v-neck

~black jeans

~denim jeans

~long sleeve tees

~sweaters, shorts (depending on where you live)

~a proper suit

~a proper jacket (leather is my preference)

Accessorize, too! Get a nice watch or a nice ring. (Or both)

I cannot stress this enough.

-work out. And I don’t say this in a way of “every guy needs to be muscly!!!” Because nah, you do you, but do you healthily! Most women do not like fat or skinny guys, anything inbetween is generally accepted.

2.) The first impression

How to Attract Women (For Guys)

This seems rather obvious, but when you first meet someone, the impression you leave will be how they remember you. You CAN fix it, for example, people always tell me they thought i was a bitch but i turned out to be pretty nice. Still, it’s easier to make a good first impression.

First, think about what impression you want to leave on people. Do you want to come across as happy? Brooding? Do you know anyone who comes across as this? Try to be that, in your own way.

also, some things ANYONE needs to do:

-stand tall and straight, good posture is important.

-body language makes people view you differently. Closed arms? Not approachable.

-tone of voice. Don’t sound angry.

3.) Personality

How to Attract Women (For Guys)

Ok, so you’ve reeled in a girl with your stunning good looks and nice body posture. What’s next? Not being a d*ck, that’s what!

You CANNOT be racist, homophobic etc.. when looking for a girl (or when just being alive really). It’s just really unattractive.

Other than that, the old and annoying quote “be yourself” still stands. Talk about things with passion and include her in it. For example, you love a movie? Talk about it and ask her if she’s seen it. Engage.

Some traits all women i’ve met find attractive:



-honest & loyal


girls love a guy that takes them places, talks to them, listens to them, a guy that treats them like a frickin’ princess. You’ll get so much in return from her.

Obviously, not all girls are the same though, so not everyone will agree with this. I didn’t write this out of personal likes either (maybe i’ll do a small take on that). But I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • While I respect this take, it is almost as bad as hearing the oft-repeated advice, "be confident". It is like, "wow, that helped so much, I think I'll just go and be confident now, why didn't I ever think of that? I don't think I ever heard that one before. Confident? That is all?"

    • Oh! Be Confident! Wow! Why didn’t anyone tell me to be confident before? All I’ve heard is women love losers with low self esteem! I was told women HATED confidence! Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’ll try that! 😆

Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my god the fashion/hygiene thing is so true. A guy is so much more attractive to me when he knows how to dress himself and when he takes care of himself (which is pretty crazy? because that's like the bare minimum of adulting). Nothing is less attractive than a guy who wears the same sweatshirt or hoodie and t-shirt every single day (and has been for like 5 years straight), and who laughs at himself for "not caring about ~*~fashion~*~". Like dude, it's not about "caring about fashion" it's about representing yourself in a way that doesn't make you look like a total slob. I can respect not having an eye for fashion and not necessarily knowing what colors look good on you, but all you need to do then is open up a damn magazine or shop catalogue, or ask for help by someone you know who has a good sense of style. It isn't that hard. Then just copy and paste whatever the magazine shows or what your friend suggests. The easiest way to make yourself stand out as a man is putting just a tiny bit more effort into the way you dress. You will immediately look a little better than 99% of the population who dress themselves in jeans and hoodies. And there's nothing inherently wrong with jeans and hoodies, except if you don't have literally anything else in your wardrobe.


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What Guys Said 33

  • Step 1: Get rich.

    Step 2: Get ripped.

    Step 3: Manipulate women using cheap psychological tactics commonly used by pickup artists.

    Congrats! You've got an average woman who'll make you miserable!

    Just be you guys and if women don't like it, then keep looking.

    • i dont know if i should take your advice, you got downvoted twice

  • I'm afraid I just don't get what new ideas this contributes? Look nice, impress people, be nice? Honestly, as a pretty okay guy (decent person, smart, 7+ workouts a week, fitting clothes + clean) I'm really sick of hearing this basic advice over and over again, it's demeaning. The dating equivalent of "get good, n00b". I know that you''re just trying to share your experience and knowledge, but it's really not too helpful to non-troglodytes. I think that your article could have been more useful if it expanded beyond the surface into the "little things" that make these basic principles work rather than just laying out "How to be a functioning social being 101".

    • I hear you, it’s just that i’ve seen a lot of guys that can’t even do that. First start w the basics, then get into it. If you’ve conquered the basics it’s pretty much different for every girl, so if I wrote about that it would have been too personal

    • Yeah honestly I hate these kind of takes for that reason exactly. I'm a decent looking guy, dress nice pretty often, I'm about to finish my Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, have my shit together. Yet I'm a 22 year old virgin and I just can't do it. It's like since every other part of my life is going great, this one part has to really suck. I don't know why women think it's cool to ghost you after saying yes to dates, and string you along when they've been dating someone for multiple weeks. You just have to be lucky really. Have your shit together, and have whatever "game" girls are looking for. If you are too normal and not "interesting" enough for them, you'll be a virgin forever unless you go to a prostitute. That's what I've concluded. I apparently just don't have "it"

  • All of this just to attract a girl? Wow, its like a second full time job but with no pay... rather be single, but at least im myself and dont have to change myself for anyone or everyone for that matter.

  • I think just being yourself is the key, women/people love authentic. If you change just to get the girl, what happens when you go back to your normal self. ? The women is going to think you "change" which leads to problem in the relationship.

    I appreciate the Take, but I'm not sure if it will actually be helpful in real life.

  • Well I think good looks aren't that important to women since women are attracted more by confidence or personality , an ugly confident guy will get more girls than a super attractive shy guy.

  • First, thanks for sharing that!

    Those are good advices BUT let's be honest... like 75% of atractness depends on your physics. If you are not a model they won't see you or you'll get undervalued.
    Follow these advices not for women but for yourself, expecting female attention will only get you frustrated.

  • But you have to apply this in the proper manner toward the proper person. Not all that is said in this take pertains to every woman per say. As well, your look should fit your personality or the personality to the person you want to attract.

  • Do you have any advice for a guy who does all these things, and still can't get a relationship? I go on a lot of dates, but can't ever make the woman attracted enough to justify giving me a third or fourth date. I admit, I don't have the most engaging personality around; I'm more the reserved, pleasant type, but I have a lot of interesting stories and adventures and know a little bit about almost any subject. I will admit that I have an anxiety disorder, which tends to make me a little tense if I'm not mindful, but I'm generally very mindful, especially when I'm just getting to know someone like I would be on a date.

    I have several mental illnesses, but those don't come up in the day-to-day really, or at least not to the extent where someone would notice a marked shift in my behavior unless they were observing for weeks. And I'm medicated and go to therapy too, so symptoms are minimal.

    I've also been told I'm attractive A LOT in my life. I've worked out since I was very young, and even though I'm small (5'4" 125lbs), I'm all lean-muscle and very strong (squat >300lbs and bench ~240lbs currently). I have less fat, but a more muscular back and stronger abs than the guy in your GIF/picture. Otherwise my body is about the same. And my intelligence level is 1/1000 judging by IQ scores, so I'm pretty bright. I'm losing my hair now, but that just started happening so that can't be the reason for my whole life. Is it my bearing/height/weight/etc?

    I really am not asking to be a dick, but I just can't for the life of me figure out what my problem is. And when I see something like this, "it's so easy", well anyone who believes that must know something I don't, ya know?

    • Try to say things that you think might also interest the girl you’re on a date with. Take her on dates where you can relax more and not do a whole lot of work. Some great examples:
      Bowling (but this may have some nice Kino escalation if she is bad at bowling so potentially wait a while into a relationship)
      Carnivals (just walk around, enjoy scenery and play games :)
      indoor putt putt
      double dates can be helpful because the other couple can share the talking with you!!! :)
      Hope this helped
      No swimming with a girl until later

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    • learn how to tell those stories in a funny way and be engaging. no one wants to be bored bro

    • @0112358 Depends. Sometimes we have sex a few times and that's the worst, because then it becomes this big weeks-long ordeal that ends with her saying "it's not you, it's me". And I'm not getting anything out of that except hurt feelings. Sometimes it's just a date or two before she stops responding to my texts. Some women try to turn me into a booty-call, but after the first time I learned to avoid that. Bad news. Long story, kind of boring, but it ended with me getting a gun shoved in my face by the girl's stalker-ex in the parking lot of a bar.
      @samsmoove I've been able to tell stories in ways that get laughs before. Still, though, in general I'm just kind of boring. It's my personality unfortunately, nothing to be done for it.

  • How about being white or Latino?

    Because it seems that black, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and South Asian men get rejected quite a lot.

    • im black lol and i actually get called attractive quite frequently

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    • @Shawn58 lol same bro. it's these rapper putting us black guys on notice lol

    • @samsmoove nah, its remi bonjaski, the fighter, for sure

  • I don't know why you're getting so much hate lmao. It seems like any set expectations in regards to the opposite gender makes them uncomfortable because most people don't meet them on here. The only thing I can criticize is how basic this is. Didn't really learn anything new.

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What Girls Said 14

  • Yeah but just dont get the guy lmao thing is they guy likes me etc and we are good friends and stuff but he doesn't see me more than that even he calls me everynight like we act like one and most strangers come up to us and say " are you a couple how cute" and we say "oh... uh no we not" XD so yeah? XD meh im lost fml

  • That kind of mindset is rare on a young these days... Not many are well rounders. They are either 1) having mental illness 2) stuck in their heads 3) sociopath 4) Arrogant 5) mediocore

    • Uh. What?

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    • @Nomad6993 yeah you? Get lost

    • @Nomad6993 Actually, researchers are starting to examine the Millennial generation and what are the defining traits of that section of the population. Every other generation has had this done and its interesting to read also by the way if anyone liked to read about random things online and out of the few personality traits/characteristics, narcissism is apparently an overwhelmingly present charater flaw of the millennial age group and they exhibit it at a much higher level than any other age group in the past and its combined with a large amount naivety and narrow mindedness (Ironic since many current college students that would be categorized into this generation and protest for political correctness and proclaim the purpose/goal is to have acceptance of everyone despite their differences) and have now lost most of their opportunities for educational growth that other generations would obtain during their youth and utilize as adults. This explains a lot of the group's behavior and attitudes.

  • You know what women like? good listeners. If you don't listen to us and take into our thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs, then you won't keep us.

    • Bullshit... Woman tend to be shallow, see who's attractive first, then everything else they tend to care about after...

  • I saw Tyler Hoechlin and had to check this out... he's so fine
    Nice MyTake

  • A good dressing sense...
    Your personality...
    Classy hairstyle
    Overall you should be classy, fashionable and most importantly kind, caring and loving...

    • out all females i've flirted and talked to only 2 favored my manners, rest prefered my asshole nature. finding female who likes dominant males is slim to none have higher chance big foot than i am to find another female who prefers dominant males over "bad" boys.

    • asshole nature is referring to experiment to see how they respond since they responded poorly to my natural mannered self

  • All about personality and showing someone that you care about them and their interests

  • You forgot to mention confidence.

  • This is dumb. She either likes you or she doesn't.

  • Write a "How to attract women (For girls)"

  • what about bisexuals and lesbians

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