Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls


I hear it a lot. "I'm so pretty, but guys don't hit on me?" Or "why do guys never hit on the pretty ones?"

Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls

There is a reason: because some (not all of course) girls are just cruel. It's usually a loud embarrassing and public rejection. How many of those kind of mean turn downs would it take for a guy to just give up? Not many.

Think about it what how many of these kind of rejections could you take before saying "no, not worth it?"

And I know it's not fair to judge all women by the actions of a few, but how can a guy tell which is which without asking? They can't. So they simply don't.

It's much easier to get rejected online via dating websites, where there is a level of anonymity.

As one guy said, approaching a girl is like a minefield. One wrong word and....

Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls
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  • Ratiocinative
    Sometimes women can be cruel, they're people just like guys are, however I think the biggest reason guys don't approach beautiful women is because they're afraid. A lot of guys I know are that way and I used to be that way.

    Risk taking, courage, and confidence are masculine traits and are attractive to women. Women will instinctively test a guy to be sure he has those traits, especially if her initial attraction level is not very high. If you pass the tests you can increase her level of attraction for you, but if you fail them she'll lose whatever interest she had in you.

    For example, before I knew anything about women, I went out with this woman twice and she was all over me. Touching all the time, more compliments than I can remember, she mysteriously like all the same things I liked, etc. She even invited me back to her place and we were there until like 4 am. However, instead of being confident in her interest and going for it, I was timid, acted unsure, and I pretty much asked her permission to kiss her. Of course when I asked her out a third time several days later I got the "lets just be friends" line. My lack of confidence completely killed her attraction for me.

    This most recent date I went on the woman tried to hug me at the end, even though she had given me all the signs she wanted to be kissed, so I resisted and kissed her instead. She then got a little nervous and started to apologize for making it awkward and asked if the kiss was okay. My response was to give her one final kiss, told her it wasn't awkward at all, and she smiled and giggled proceeded to text me night when she got home and the next day about how great the date was.

    So in summary, a guy who is confident is very attractive to a woman. If you don't let a woman's rude or cruel behavior bother you she may just change her mind about you, or other women may notice your confidence and gain interest in you. Be sure of yourself and your worth regardless of rude people and women will notice.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MaskedSanity
    Don't you just love how these cunts are talking shit about guys that lack confidence, yet disabled all stats, voting and comments.

    What's the matter, girls, can't handle people calling you out on your bullshit? Does criticism shoot your CONFIDENCE?

    It gives me great pleasure to know that these girls more than likely sleep around with hot players, get dumped and then whine to each other about how there are no good men left. If only I could be there to laugh in their faces.

    I mean look at them, they all look like they're in their late 20s. If they failed at finding a partner by that age while looking reasonably good, says something about their personalities or lack thereof, to be precise.
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    • I hope the channel is fake, but then if it is, why disable comments and stats?

    • preach girl, haha

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  • RationalLioness
    Just because you can't tell who's going to be an utter bitch or not does not mean that you should give up. To me, that spells insecurity.

    And if some woman is rude like that, have a good comeback ready to knock her out.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    Fact: guys hit on girls
    Fact: guys don't hit on ugly girls

    You're wrong, sorry. Hell, I'd rate myself a 5.5/10, not that great looking, but I only TALK to girls who're pretty (by choice). So yeah I hit on pretty girls.
  • Ozanne
    So the poor actions of a few, mean the rest of the women have to pay for it? Ughh.. We have all been in a situation where we try and say something to a person we like and get shot down, girls and guys alike.

    Here's a trick: Don't hit on a girl when she's with one or more of her friends. She is likely going to turn right to her friend for a reaction. Firstly, the girl you *don't* hit on is going to be jealous of her friend, and put you down. She'll listen to her and not want to appear foolish so she'll buy in to it. "Oh my god, that guy with the crooked tooth just talked to you, gross." Believe me. I went through this with girl-friends who were jealous. I was the one getting the attention, and they reacted poorly. Secondly, she looks to the friend as an audience as if to unfurl her feathers and show her she can get any guy, even if she's not that pretty.

    I think it's better to find a woman alone, but don't be a creep. Or else look for a group where you have common friends, and there are guys in the group easily entertaining the other girls in the group so you can pick one out and she's not so focused on by her female friends.

    It's a good myTake, but just UGHHH... I hate the thought that the actions of a few have made men gunshy to try again. So you might strike out, but you will always be alone unless you make moves again, or put yourself in a situation where you allow moves to be made on you. (And yeah, online dating is where most women sit and wait to be spoken to, so that's usually a poor place to find a quality girl.)
    • I married twice. The first time was a woman from my every day, real world life. She gave me a son and nothing else but a long list of betrayals. I divorced her and obtained custody of my son. When my divorce finalized, I joined eHarmony. Within 7 months, I met the woman who would become my wife. We will have been married for 9 years this coming June. She is the woman I always should have been with. She is the woman with whom I will grow old.

      Without online dating I don't know that I would have ever met a woman of this quality. I'm a homebody. I work in an all male environment and I always have. I bristle at the idea that online dating is a lesser experience, for people that can't hack dating in the real world. If anything, I regard myself as someone born a quarter century too early. Had the technology of online dating existed 25 years ago, I no doubt would have already celebrated my silver wedding anniversary.

    • Ozanne

      Congratulations, and I'm sorry to generalize. I should know better. I have just found in my experience - maybe it's the younger crowd that don't take it as seriously.

    • Thank you. I mean no conflict between us.

      Whenever I encounter generalizations that marginalize my own experience I respond in defense.

      My life is settled. My concern is for a younger version of myself taking diparaging words (regarding online dating) to heart at the cost of his own best interests.

  • Miphee
    Men have to understand that rejection is a huge part of courtship and it exists for a reason. What would be the point of courting if every single girl would say yes the first time you approach her? Why do you feel humiliated when a girl rejects you with an attitude? Do you know her or any of those people she is with? Do you have to interact with her afterwards? No. With her mean attitude, did she show you what kind of personality she really has? Yes. You just dodged a bullet dude, be happy about it! It's much better to get rejected by an asshole than dating an asshole. Move on.
    You also have to understand that hot women get bombarded by (often drunken) men all the time, most of those are way out of her league. It must be extremely tiresome to get constantly hit on by men who get loud and offended when their egos can't take the rejection. Some women handle it better, some just develope that mean attitude that makes sure the guy gets the message (forget that fake YT vid, it's fishing for viewers). I don't blame them. No offense, but when a really hot woman gets approached by below average guys it must be a pretty shitty feeling. Be honest guys: do you feel good when a really ugly girl wants to date you? I bet you feel like "am I so ugly that she thinks she has a chance with me?" Now imagine this with a hot girl every time she goes out with her friends, she has to deal with creeps and drunks who fumble around her all the time. Not so amusing is it?
    • Excellent answer. You have to look at the whole picture. A lot of guys seem to think women just enjoy being mean for no reason.

  • GoodDogNigel
  • beachflowersmusic
    Guys have balls, use them?
    Ps girls aren't catogorised in being either "pretty and mean" or "pretty and not mean". Every single woman living on this earth have both labels with in themselves. So next time you go to judge the opppsite sex, you'd be better off having a clearer think. Maybe it's not the women, it's an even chance it's how you or any guy approach women.
    • Such maturity in such a young age! You are 100% right! My reaction to men all depends on how they approach. If they approach in a disrespectful or a "you can't say no to this " attitude they get the mean side of me. If they approach respectfully and with a healthy amount of humility they get the nice side of me weather accepting or rejecting ! So it all comes down to HOW you approach determines which side you get ! Great response !!!

    • chiboy23

      Me myself always go for what I want. Some guys are scared of rejection. Guys most realize you will strike out more then that homered but eventually you'll getting it.. a lot pretty women are intimidating to insecure men.. women like confidence do if he's lacking that an you're attractive, you might get looked over

  • 1GuyOpinion
    I think it bullshit. Pretty girls in my area got guys hitting on them all the time.

    If the girls think the only reason why guys don't hit on them is because they are too pretty, they are completely delusional.
  • shadowlegend
    Get of your arse and go hit on a guy, problem solved. See what it's like for a change and stop complaining.
  • Arcano
    I am going to be honest, except in a party setting, I do not see guys - or anyone else for that matter - "hitting on" women. There might be the casual conversation or smile, but that's it. Never mind "pretty girls." Where is this expectation of being pursued/pursuing originating from? Has it just sprung from movies? Environment decides it, from my observation.
  • AleDeEurope
    I don't know about you, but the prettier girls are the nicest ones, like, the ones that are solid 9's or 10's are the nicest ones, since they get less attention and therefore aren't conceited. Obviously it's not always the case, but most of the time, in my experience, it's true.

    by the way, the video is fake, it's all setup, that's why the name is Humiliatrix, which I looked it up and it's something related with the pleasure that men get from being humiliated. But anyways, the only very pretty girl in the video was the blonde on the right, the middle one was average, and the one on the left was below average.
    • Uh oh, ugly girls downvoting me? xD

    • Ahahah, I'm sorry but your comment about being down-voted is too funny ;')

    • @Craziest_Damn_Mofo xD Only insecure people downvote a personal experience, it's if I downvted you for saying that you once saw a dog poop on a cat, it makes no sense xD

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  • PhoenixRisingDK
    Because more often than not, they're fully aware of their own sexual market value. And this allows them to be complete assholes.
    And as decent guys increasingly become aware of this, they see no point in pursuing redicule.
    And since most of'em are equipped with the IQ of a doorstop and doesn't mature until well into their 40's, they're simply not worth the effort.
    • FatherJack

      you are being generous... they generally NEVER mature !!

    • JaysunPro

      And afraid of emasculation.

    • You've hardy grown pubes, and you wanna lecture me on life?
      That's good one...

  • DaddyRollingStone
    Hot girls are traps, they usually always have something wrong with them. They drink too much, they swear too much, they sleep around too much, they have too many undesirable traits but they get a pass for their sex appeal.

    Sacraficing attractiveness to be with a girl you can actually respect seems ok in the longrun.
    • Hefziba

      Not all of them. Some of us are just waiting to me a worthy guy. The one guy who cares, respect n love us unconditionally

    • And girls who like to drink, smoke, and have sex while they wait usually wait a long time. Some never find a love.

      You may not do that personally but you should know that a decent man wants a decent woman.

    • Botchie

      So I agree with you very little on this. Everyone has a "flaw" to them, but that's what makes us unique. I don't believe there is such a thing as a woman sleeping around too much. She has every right to sleep with whoever she wants and as many people as she wants just as guys can. It's so wrong to judge a person's entire character based upon who/how many people they sleep with.

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  • DanHart
    Honestly, any guy with enough knowledge of human nature can make out such b*tches in no time. There are plenty of very beautiful girls who aren't like these 3 in the video.

    You can also tell whether they're like these 3 by looking at their faces, especially the one on the left with tattoos on her arm. It's always the same pattern.
    Never talk to such a girl.
    • Jamesol1

      Yeah agreed I can smell the nasty ones from a mile off. It takes one glance at them to know...

  • carelessxwhisper
    I'm sure there are girls who are mean with their rejection of a guy, but not every girl is like that! If a guy I don't like approaches me I reject them in the nicest way I can. I might say, "sorry I'm not interested" or something. I think it's silly and immature to be rude to someone who had the guts to approach. One time though, I rejected this guy, his female friend pulled me over to him, and after I kindly declined, he said to me "well, you aren't that pretty anyways." LOL bitter much?
  • Random_chick_2384
    Those girls are awful! I would never do that to anyone unless they did something phycial to me. by the way they aren't that pretty so I don't know who they think they are to treat anyone like that. Even if they were drop dead beautiful they shouldn't be doing that to anyone. Plus a super hot guy wouldn't apporach someone like that bc he would be way out of their league. Thoses ugly old hags need to go back and hide in their cave. And think about what they have done.
    • JaysunPro

      I love you in a cave, in a boat, in a moat. I love you in the morning and the evening. Everyday till death do us part.

    • @JaysunPro Is that like a song or something lol bc I don't know it πŸ˜πŸ˜”

    • JaysunPro

      I just wrote it. It's not a song yet. It's a rough draft and a strong approach. Hopefully you get him un protecting of his dignity condescending you at you're disposal to make himself feel better. Xoxoxo

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  • Botchie
    I feel like this is a very in depth question/opinion with many reasons/justifications for it. I'd like to make clear that on the scale of people who get hit on, men in general are below even the reasonably unattractive girls (Not the super out of shape + unattractive girls). So it'd be nice to see some change in that department rather than this "standard" where guys must hit on girls *first* and not vice versa. But since that won't change over night, we'll address things how they are.

    Girls in general are hard to approach because their reaction is hard to predict. Plus, as Louis C. K. says men don't really have a reason to talk to girls, so of course the first thing we are gonna say is B. S. (or seem completely random). There are no clear indicators that a woman wants to be approached. I'm all for having a conversation, but if the first thought that goes through a woman's mind when I start talking to her out of the blue is "why is this guy talking to me", then its already a lost cause. The mentality should be "I wonder if this guy is worth talking to again after this conversation. Let's see where this goes" I mean, worst case scenario is that a friendship comes out of this. I know a lot of guys wouldn't really settle for just a friendship at first, but if that's the case, he isn't really a guy you should date/be friends with in the first place. Getting back on topic, attractive women are usually assumed to have higher standards than other women because we feel that they know they are attractive and have the best chance of getting a guy they want. So combine the assumed expectations along with the not really having a reason to talk to random women in the first place and there's your answer for why attractive women don't seem to get hit on as much as they feel they should.

    I still stand with my belief that people should go after whoever they want regardless of their own gender. Why stand by? Remember, they'd react/think the same as you if you approached them
  • ManOnFire
    Don't forget that pretty to 10 guys isn't very special to 10 or more guys. So it's all about what the other person is seeing. And yeah, often times "pretty" girls are the ones that are sure guys are going to be into them, so guys will try to avoid those types.
  • Mustachekitteh
    Those 3 girls are a bunch of horrible cunts. Plus I feel so bad for the guys they rejected. I will say they need lots of hugs. :(
  • Sbgirl
    I think guys should just go for it - people tell me I'm pretty, I don't really see it but hey, I've never had a boyfriend and I know of some guys who have liked me in the past, but have been intimidated to ask me out. Even if I didn't want to date the guy, I would be nice about it and would be extremely flattered in the first place.
    • that's probably what they're scared of, the chance of "Even if I didn't want to date the guy, I would be nice about it and would be extremely flattered in the first place." lol

    • Sbgirl

      Yeah, I guess. But someone's gotta try lol

    • "But someone's gotta try lol"

      Why not you? Why wait for guys to do it?

  • SunDevil11
    I almost always either assume she is either taken or that I am not "hot" enough and would have barely anything to give her in a relationship to keep her interested. I also assume I would get looked down upon by her friends (at least at first) because they would probably think "oh she can do better than him". Plus I am still finding myself in this world and working on my body to get in shape. I will treat my future girlfriend like she deserves though :)
  • Kabloosh75
    Many come off as unapproachable so I don't bother. I hate going through one rejection after another too so it feels like statistically I could just go down the bar asking every girl I think is cute and end up getting rejected because chances are in the first one isn't going to go for it, the second, third, and fourth observed it and it can be inherently offensive to the girl to think that she wasn't the first one you approached.
  • Hannah591
    "Humiliatrix girls"
    It appears, it's their job to humiliate. It's a fetish for some guys.
    • In the bedroom, maybe. Not in real life.

    • Hannah591

      @LovelyDisquiet I know but he's using the video like it's an example of all girls in real life which I felt was wrong and giving out a bad impression.

    • Anpu23

      I searched for videos of cruel turndowns. It showed what I was talking about. I used to work in a bar and saw this kind of thing all the time. I know that all girls are not like this, that's one of my points. How can a guy tell one from the other?

  • coffeprince
    What about the option not pretty enough.. BC guys hardly approach or "hit on" unattractive girls. Believe me I know from experience :/ .. that said, not pretty enough girls kinda sit on the side lines...
    • crystalt70

      You see, this is what makes me wonder where I fall. I never get hit on in public. Only online and usually by nutcases wanting to show me their junk or asking me freakish questions.

  • Chick180
    Pretty girls get hit on. They don't get approached often.
    • Octavion

      Acting like an ass and catcalling is a defense mechanism a guy does when he wants to flirt with a girl but he's too nervous to do it but he doesn't want to admit to himself he's nervous because he wants to think he's macho.

    • Chick180

      I agree with the asshole part. Usually guys who catcall are trash ghetto type tho.

    • apple24

      @Octavion I didn't know.

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  • Unit1
    "As one guy said, approaching a girl is like a minefield. One wrong word and... "
    OH NO!!!
    ... you OK bro? Need help? o_O

    As for me, pretty girls are usually taken immediately. I don't say we are slower or something but the rate of having a BF already is much higher.
  • FatherJack
    Have seen countless snarling bitchy " FUCK OFF CREEP !! " type rejections whilst working as door staff... unfortunately there's a lot of these types of bitches around. Also common were girls using guys for free drinks all night , usually the same types. Guys , if you get shot down like this... then verbally NUKE her back. Enjoyed cutting a bitch down to size several years back , she was just so nasty & toxic !!
    • JaysunPro

      Sure make her shrivel in a corner and afraid to come to work and go die somewhere. Especially "FUCK OFF CREEP MY BOYFRIEND IS BLACK"!

  • watashiwahanadesu
    My gosh that's horrible... Do guys think those girls in the video are hot? What would you consider them as or rate them? Not by personality by looks because I'm certain from what they've displayed their personality would bring the rating down
  • 6kindofguy
    women who are extremely beautiful, are very intimidating to men. If they go out with her , it is a true challenge in many ways. first she can become an over obsession very quickly. which can make a man a complete mess. secondly if it develops into a relationship than goes bad and ends up in a break up she would be to hard to let go. All of us want to have a 10 for a partner but often the fright and challenge can often overwhelm our ego to have one.
    • What do you mean by over obsession? Huh?

    • ZoeyMercer

      How can she become an over obsession very quickly?

  • xobrowneyedbeauty
    i don't think this is true. pretty girls get hit on all the time. maybe not the really young ones, like during high school, but once you're in your 20s the pretty ones always get hit on.
  • BrunetteBabe1005
    This is such bullshit! Because I approach guys all the time, and no.. I'm not too aggressive or anything like that. I go up to guys all the time, and have normal conversations with the guy, and then nothing happens. Nothing progresses like no numbers, or anything. I approach guys that are really not attractive either. Way below my standards, and I still get rejected. I am so sick of guys, and their bullshit. I heard many times that "girls need to start approaching guys", well I do almost all the time, and it never goes anywhere. So, it's a bunch of bullshit.
    • JSmuve

      To use a grossly overused and bs cliche: you just haven't met the right guy yet.

    • Your attitude certainly doesn't help. Beauty isn't everything.

    • So you actually ask for their numbers and they reject you?

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  • BiffWebster
    for one.. usually those girls are taken. Those types of girls also have higher standards than most... because they can be picky. And most of the time they are already taken... and if they aren't you just have to ask the question..."how can this be?"
  • _Feline
    It's true, pretty girls don't get hit on as much as the average girl. The reason why beautiful women reject so many guys is that beautiful women are used to jerks. I have many beautiful friends, and the only type of men that hit on them are the type of men that only hit attractive women.. that she is a person has no concern for this ''hunter''. He wins her by taking her to bed, the nice guy would never sweet talk her into getting in bed with him. And that's the big difference, nice guys only observe while players have this overly confidence and will just hit on the beautiful woman. And beautiful women don't like that, they want someone who sees them for who they are, not for who they look like. So, if you can do this, you can pretty much get the highest of the apple quality. The 9/10's.
    • I agree with you very much. I find the concept that a beautiful woman is intimidating to be accurate but not nearly complete in describing the phenomenon. It not just that she is intimidating, but the field of competition is intimidating too. She may be pestered by so many "hunters", but those guys have status among all guys. Being willing to attempt to best them at their own game takes balls. It's not just the initial introduction and first date where that competition shows. If a guy gets into a relationship with a beautiful woman, he can still expect her to be harassed by these hunters. This is true even if she has a wedding ring on. Any guy that had the balls to hit on her in the first place isn't going to be dissuaded by her being with a guy.

    • _Feline

      Yeah exactly. And many guys don't want to deal with this stress with intimidatingly beautiful women, that's why they stay with girls that are like 6-7 out of 10. It's much easier, and therefore beautiful women keep wondering what they're doing wrong, but they just need to wait for that one guy that will deal with the stress and not caring what other guys see in her, because he HAS her.

  • Watermelonoma
    the thing with talking to good looking girls is that they get bored of you fast. You can tell when one is bored with you when they either A) repeatedly stop sending you messages back in the middle of a convo, or B) they are very brief with you when they do chat. So whenever i get a whiff of that, i just stop messaging them
    • You know that a lot of people hate communicating via chat messages? I prefer calling so I don't spend a lot of time on whatsapp and sometimes I just get tired of replying back. Talking is far more effective and far more easy.

  • Taywallee16
    I would never do that. I'd be flattered that a guy even had the courage to approach me. I've been rejected before and it wasn't pretty so I wouldn't do that to someone else.
    • JaysunPro

      Yes they are incouraged.

    • JaysunPro

      When he rejected you he was in fear of his own dignity so he took it out on you to make himself feel feel better. Sorry beautiful he will get what's coming to him.

  • JSmuve
    I don't because I find the opportunities are rarely there. But when I do talk to them they're either unresponsive or curt (bar setting) or they're really nice but don't give me much indication they're interested in pushing things forward. So I'm left wondering whether they're actually interested but taking the really passive role or are being nice for the sake of politeness. Suffice to say many opportunities have been lost for assuming the latter.
  • Kshppatel
    If you're a girl and you get hit on a ton online and not much in real life its because guys have more balls online because you can't see them lol. I try to act like a smooth Rico motherf'er online but really I would never have that much confidence in real life.
  • Betwyn
    ok, as to what you wrote, ymmv.

    Not all women are the same.

    But as for the video you posted.. that totally doesn't help your case at all.

    1: They aren't even that attractive.
    2: The one on the right says she warned the guy not to talk to the other blond, that she wasn't in a good mood, and he didn't listen. So, yes, she was a bitch to him, and it isn't right, but it has nothing to do with her so-called attractiveness and being approached, and everything to do with being approached by a guy who had already been warned off. and how does it take 3 drinks to figure out she isn't interested?
  • John_Doesnt
    Guys won't hit on pretty girls because we'd rather spend our money on video games.
    Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls
  • Ihav2fart
    I hit on them all the time, they just don't hit back...
  • notverycreativeguy
    I hit on some really goddess-like girls, even though I knew there was no chance, and usually they were not really cruel, have had worse experiences with not that pretty girls.
  • TessCasie
    Guys hit on pretty girls only for their selfish favours if she rejects his advances knowing the fact he is just playing with her. She gets insulted saying you ain’t pretty enough for me.
  • Consultant
    I approach 7+ / 10 women. That's my break-even point.

    Of course, I'm monagamous now. But that's how I met. Approached at a dance. Let her examined my alphaness, game over.
  • BarbaraP
    Those girls are just insane and mean. That's extreme. By the way, I'm not sure that it's a fact that guys don't hit on pretty girls.
    • Those girls are actually very typical of the pretty middle and high school girls when a less attractive guy would ask them out. That is the time when boys are first working up the courage to ask girls out. For that reason encountering that kind of attitude is a lot more traumatic for him. It really can have a lasting impression on making him not want to ever approach a girl. Instead these guys typically try a different approach of befriending the girl and hoping she will notice what a great guy he is, and will make a move on him. Then he complains about being friend zoned.

    • BarbaraP

      If that's true I'm really glad I didn't grow up in the U. S., honestly. Kids where you live behave seriously bad... even bullism is not a big thing here, while it seems like it happens everywhere in the U. S. It's sad but true.

  • GirlsEatGirls
    Not true at all. Guys hit on pretty women all the time. The pretty girls are so used to that.
  • LittleSally
    I have never seen these types of girls...
    But maybe I just live in a civilized society...

    That is America. Sad. SOOOOO sad.
    • Bitches exist all around the world.

    • Never met those kinds before...

      Feel bad for decent people who have to deal with people like that. Male or female.

  • Ananchor
    There's also the issue or approaching a woman at a club and the variables that brings into it- ie drinks, and timing. If you're sober at its 9pm and you can actually talk to her logically and respectfully- that's one thing.
    If it's 2am and you're both drunk and the lights are coming on, people are now desperate to find someone to go home with... Umm no

    Everyone wants that fairy tale moment- she drops a book, they go to pick it up, they lock eyes, and it's done.
    It doesn't really happen in bars when you're watching some drunk guy come up to you to tell you he's been watching you all night and you're really pretty but he can't stop looking at your rack 😤
  • MindYourEyes
    That's not even pretty. They ain't even pretty at all. Fucking rat XD
  • Rloco
    I feel like I judge pretty girls. I assume their only interested in the better looking guys and we would have nothing in common. I also think that they would most likely be shallow and materialistic expecting more because she's attractive. I try not to do this. Lastly I'd probably also expect that she doesn't want to be approached by another guy no matter his intention. She gets approached to much already why would she wants to get approached by me. It's kind of a reverse judgement. How can I stop this? I feel bad for doing this. Assuming these things just because she's beautiful. Should I start approaching and showing interest beautiful girls? Oh plus I also assume they already have a boyfriend if they are nice.
    • I think you would be surprised how many "pretty" or "very pretty girls" would love normal conversati

      You don't even have to ask for her number if you think it will make the situation awkward! You should just try talking to them. Most likely, your conversation will be 10 times more interesting than the last 10 guys who hit on her saying "You're cute, you're hot, let's go out"(Not that there's something wrong with that. But once you hear that all the time, you start to wish there was something else likable about you worth complimenting. People don't choose their looks. If you're born a certain way, it's not really something to be proud of. You get to the point where you're like... and what?)

      What would be great is if someone says those clothes look lovely on you, or you're makeup is perfect, or you're funny or smart, etc. Who wants to be complimented for a thing you didn't put any effort into? To me, hearing I'm hot, is equivalent to someone saying my shoes are very black

    • It doesn't mean anything to me, because I don't care that I'm hot. The only people I want to find me attractive anyway are my friends and my boyfriend.

      I know some girls that are considered "really hot" put their entire persona into it, and very often become bitchy and full of themselves. But that's not everyone. And not only are you missing out... but she might be too... if you never try to talk to her.

      Being attractive isn't everything. And especially once you are considered attractive... you really see just how pointless and stupid it is.

      Plus, you're talking like you aren't hot yourself. But how do you know you aren't the exact type of someone who you yourself would consider a 10?

      I'm just saying... If you take care of yourself and your body, and try hard to be confident (in your own way. Does NOT mean hitting on every girl like a pick up artist), then you'll be surprised how many "beautiful" girls will enjoy your company.

    • Rloco

      Yeah I get that. That makes sense. These generalizations and assumptions are hard to get past but I'm trying. I dance with girls I'd consider "10s" but leave it at that. I'll try talking I can't assume things about everyone.

  • BelleGirl21
    So do you approach average girls then? And what do you classify as "pretty"?
  • The_Lone_Ranger
    Mind games. If they done that to me, I would have poured my on them drink back. And said you splashed first. Also, these girls seem drunk as hell.