Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls


I hear it a lot. "I'm so pretty, but guys don't hit on me?" Or "why do guys never hit on the pretty ones?"

Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls

There is a reason: because some (not all of course) girls are just cruel. It's usually a loud embarrassing and public rejection. How many of those kind of mean turn downs would it take for a guy to just give up? Not many.

Think about it what how many of these kind of rejections could you take before saying "no, not worth it?"

And I know it's not fair to judge all women by the actions of a few, but how can a guy tell which is which without asking? They can't. So they simply don't.

It's much easier to get rejected online via dating websites, where there is a level of anonymity.

As one guy said, approaching a girl is like a minefield. One wrong word and....

Why Guys Don't Hit on Pretty Girls
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  • Ratiocinative
    Sometimes women can be cruel, they're people just like guys are, however I think the biggest reason guys don't approach beautiful women is because they're afraid. A lot of guys I know are that way and I used to be that way.

    Risk taking, courage, and confidence are masculine traits and are attractive to women. Women will instinctively test a guy to be sure he has those traits, especially if her initial attraction level is not very high. If you pass the tests you can increase her level of attraction for you, but if you fail them she'll lose whatever interest she had in you.

    For example, before I knew anything about women, I went out with this woman twice and she was all over me. Touching all the time, more compliments than I can remember, she mysteriously like all the same things I liked, etc. She even invited me back to her place and we were there until like 4 am. However, instead of being confident in her interest and going for it, I was timid, acted unsure, and I pretty much asked her permission to kiss her. Of course when I asked her out a third time several days later I got the "lets just be friends" line. My lack of confidence completely killed her attraction for me.

    This most recent date I went on the woman tried to hug me at the end, even though she had given me all the signs she wanted to be kissed, so I resisted and kissed her instead. She then got a little nervous and started to apologize for making it awkward and asked if the kiss was okay. My response was to give her one final kiss, told her it wasn't awkward at all, and she smiled and giggled proceeded to text me night when she got home and the next day about how great the date was.

    So in summary, a guy who is confident is very attractive to a woman. If you don't let a woman's rude or cruel behavior bother you she may just change her mind about you, or other women may notice your confidence and gain interest in you. Be sure of yourself and your worth regardless of rude people and women will notice.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MaskedSanity
    Don't you just love how these cunts are talking shit about guys that lack confidence, yet disabled all stats, voting and comments.

    What's the matter, girls, can't handle people calling you out on your bullshit? Does criticism shoot your CONFIDENCE?

    It gives me great pleasure to know that these girls more than likely sleep around with hot players, get dumped and then whine to each other about how there are no good men left. If only I could be there to laugh in their faces.

    I mean look at them, they all look like they're in their late 20s. If they failed at finding a partner by that age while looking reasonably good, says something about their personalities or lack thereof, to be precise.
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    • I hope the channel is fake, but then if it is, why disable comments and stats?

    • preach girl, haha

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  • Catalina310
    Bc they probably look at the girl and their like oh she's probably talking to a lot of guys
  • art84
    I've never approached a pretty girl cause I would probably get rejected.
  • above_quality2015
    Well I've always been single and not by choice so I don't know
  • WhaChaChaKing
    Ahh, so this is why I've never been asked out on a date.
  • tenofthepeaks
    it's a lack of confidence...

    hot women are people too!
  • YourFutureEx
    Shy guys just rely on miracles.
  • apple24
    wow... that bs.
    pretty isn't pretty to everyone.
    • Solaayy

      YUP not everyone is gonna like you

  • viviansmommy
    That explains a lot lol
  • Bethanycats
    Intimidation? Maybe.
  • Xwtxx
    I do hit on pretty girls. This is for fun..
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Geez I didn't know my ex had a YouTube channel.
  • Krushhbrownies
    I don't hit cuz I gut no chanzz bruhh
  • Anonymous
    I've never seen such girls. Most of the girls I know behave in a reasonable and gracious fashion. These girls are uneducated twats.
    • Anpu23

      I agree, most girls do. But it only takes one drink in the face, to make a guy think again.

  • Anonymous
    It depends on the girl. Not every beatiful girl has the same individuals. But I don't like to see a lot of men who are trying to hit on the same beatiful girl. They are absoluetly not proud. I would feel miserable if I always tried to hit on beatiful girls.
  • Anonymous
    Many 'pretty' girls are spoiled with an overinflated ego which drives more intelligent guys away.
  • Anonymous
    I hate when people are are protected by social convention think thier badasses. If a guy threw a drink at another guy it would be a challenge. But these girls seem the think "they don't want to fuck with this" while in reality they would be dealt with quickly in an undeniable challenge.
  • Anonymous
    I don't approach any female. Period.
    They are scary as fuck. They hold way to much power and control over us and have the ability to destroy us to such a degree that it would make you suicidal. I have seem more cases of brutal rejections by women than I have nice responses and have learned that the ratio of good vs bad is way to one sided to risk getting completely shamed and openly embarrassed.
    I have also noticed that the prettier the girl, the more likely she will be a complete bitch to you if you try and approach (unless you look like a movie star). It just isn't worth the trouble.
    • This is very sad. Don't think like that.

    • Anonymous

      To many years experience with it makes it hard not to, and trust me I am not a bad looking guy, but girls just have a hate on for some reason.

    • JaysunPro

      They think you are the nice guy who won't offer them your friendship in return for thier sex life for their bad boy.

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  • Anonymous
    I haven't actually experienced the super bitchy ones that want to embarrass you like this for talking to them when they think they're above you. Only like 1, possibly a second.

    What I encounter much more is the "regular" bitchy ones lol. You know, the ones who put up the bitch shield, give you the attitude shit-test, and expect you to push through that the show you're serious (or I guess that's what they expect?). It's confusing when girls complain about not being approached but it feels like they are hostile or look bothered by a guy approaching them.

    And then the overwhelming majority are the ones too shy or passive to show any interest in return and expect you to do all the work.

    Man, approaching girls really does suck lol
  • Anonymous
    for all the shit men do !! pay back time !! men like girls like this.. not nice ones !! so keep going !!
    • Um... No.

    • @Anno_Domini She's in her 30's, she's probably not married, so she's butthurt xD

    • Anonymous

      oh piss off !! ya coz men want bitches.. they put them on pedestal !!

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  • Anonymous
    I don't hit on any girls, because I'm too shy :(((
  • Anonymous
    men usually think they are unavailable. well i never hit on women. not worth it. most want you to "have ambitions" (be rich) and discuss their silly interests.. .
    • Poppykate

      Of course we want you to talk about our interests, just as we want you to talk about yours! of course we want you to have ambitions ( and I am not talking about reaching the next level on your Xbox). But places you want to visit, fitness goals, or just silly goals. One guy I dated wanted to take photos of 'big things'. Some we did some travelling around Australia, and took our picture in front of the big banana, the big pineapple, the big lawnmower, the big lounge chair, the big shoe, the big strawberry, the big beer bottle, the big rum bottle, etc. best time ever!

    • Anonymous

      lol in my experience these are not the kind of ambitions women mean most of the time. i had women leave me in the cold just for saying i dnt plan to change a job or continue my studies. lol at the goldiggerry... .

  • Anonymous
    The loud and cruel rejection you get is from obnoxious and stuck up girls.
    Don't lump pretty girls in with them.
  • Anonymous
    Today I am seeing that women earning more not paying for dates I know it is not selfish I know what are the feelings of us but sure world seeing as a selfish gold diggers and thinking that we are tending money that is why we are selecting the person who buy gifts.
    What a shit we are facing today, today women are feeling stress as guys.
  • Anonymous
    Because they don't approxh men so men got an impression that this are selfish bitch.
  • Anonymous
    Honestly, I've only ever heard of this online. Offline I've seen beautiful girls get hit on and quite often. My best friend is gorgeous and she can't even go to the post office without some guy hitting on her. As an ugly woman, I've never been hit on. I've never had a relationship and I am 28. I see beautiful women in relationships all the time, and I've always believed that's just the way it is. So I'm always shocked to read online that pretty girls never get hit on but average or ugly women do. Maybe it's just in my area that beautiful women get hit on,
  • Anonymous
    Omg they even laugh like on the movie. Bitches
  • Anonymous
    Those girls are ugly in the video and they're also trashy

    Men don't approach pretty women if she has a bitchy vibe
    That's all
    • JohnBhoy94

      Agreed lol... personality is a major factor for me, if the girl is hot but a mega bitch, she ain't going to be mine.

  • Anonymous
    I thought u meant the hit a girl physicaly lol
  • Anonymous
    Just to be clear I'm not trying to sound self absorbed. I don't think I'm gorgeous, or anything like that. I'm just surprised with all the looks and compliments I get hardly ever get asked out.

    I don't wanna sound self centered, but a lot of people tell me I'm pretty or attractive, but only about 3 guys have had the balls to ask me out. What shocks me though their is always some guy that's hot or unattractive in my face, either flirting or acting shy, but just about all the time they never have the guts to go any further than that/ask me out. Older guys seem to do it a lot, but that doesn't go far considering I'm a minor. I don't get why guys around my age won't ask me out, is their something wrong with me, or are they just to afraid/shy =( I mean it's not like I'm going to bite.

    Or they say things and give me compliments but that's as far as it gets. Maybe flirt but the main thing they're after is sex. It really sucks =/

    But it's just seems like all of the othet girls have bfs and are in a relationship. Why can't I?
    • SilenRose

      Probably afraid/shy/intimidated. It sucks, I know. Don't let them get that cookie. You are worth more.

    • I have the same problem. It could be that you're not pretty enough for them or that you're so pretty that they're afraid you'll reject them. I've never had a boyfriend for my whole life basically and I'll be 27 this year. But what I've started doing is befriending guys. I have to, they won't speak to me otherwise. Almost every guy friend I make ends up asking me out. If they're not asking you, you're gonna have to ask them and befriend them. Some of the younger guys won't approach you or ask you out because they're young and lack confidence. Older guys have more experience with dating and are not as afraid of rejection, in addition, they also hit on younger girls so they can feel like they still got it.

    • But don't be said girly. Cheer up! :)

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  • Anonymous
    She's right though. She said "don't bother her" yet the guy kept trying, kind of had it coming to her. You got to listen to people. Girls should be listening to men better, and men should be listening to women better

    by the way, I won't approach pretty women, because I assume they're taken already