How to break up with someone you love?

This is complicated. I've been going out with this girl for nearly a year and a month. She's wonderful and beautiful. I told her I loved her near the beginning of our relationship.

For a bit of background. Her father doesn't really know about me. We're teenagers. Her mother knows about me, but doesn't help in our relationship at all because everything she does has to go through some sort of approval process from the father. That means her mom wouldn't be able to help her out if she wanted to go out with me one night and tell her father she's going with a girl because she doesn't want to lie to him, apparently.

Since we've been going out, we've only been out at night together just about two times. Once during a holiday and the other being the time we went to go see a movie she's been waiting for God knows how long. So that means I never get to take her out to dinner, to movies, to maybe a batting cage or something, I don't know.

She does certain things that make me feel uneasy at times, in which I won't go into detail though. Also, we don't agree on big relationship issues like pre-marital sex; she wants to wait, I don't. She also has different goals than I for the future. She wants to be in the US Navy, where I've told her I don't want her to do that because it's dangerous. Who am I to hold her back though?

We've talked about the future and marriage before even going as far to name our first kids. Now I'm feeling that I really want to let go, but still be her friend. We made a promise to be friends before we went out were we to break up. However, with all the promises we've made in our relationship, I'm not sure if she'd abide by that promise we first made.

I still love her, but feel like my teenage years are being taken away from me, not even being able to see a movie with my girl, never seeing her on Friday or Saturday nights. I want to break up with her and see other people, but I'm afraid that she'll be hurt. I'll be hurt, too. But her life is bad; her parents never let her go out and she has little friends that she hangs out with. She barley has a life outside of me, and I'm starting to feel the same way with my life.

What should I do?
How to break up with someone you love?
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