Is this guy insecure after his breakup or just your classic douche bag?

I dated this guy for a couple months, and he supposedly had a terrible breakup with an ex who was cheating on him for a long time (~6 weeks) with his friend. Everything had been going GREAT until a couple weeks ago he told me he was scared that he cared about me/liked me so much and wasn't ready to be emotionally vulnerable to being hurt again (by me..!) and needed the weekend with no contact to think things through (this was a wed). He eventually ended things on the following sunday with his whole sob story about not wanting to be emotionally unavailable to me all while apologizing profusely. Turns out he is really chasing some girl at his new job and even took her out WHILE we were still technically dating. the funny thing is, this guy chased ME aggressively from the very beginning (I didn't have much interest in the beginning but decided to give him a fair shot). To be honest I had a hard time getting over it and really missed him until I found out about his true motives. Now I'm just p*ssed because he clearly didn't even respect me enough to either tell me the truth or hold off on chasing tail until he ended things. Also considering his age, he's being pretty immature about everything. He would run away from me when he saw me and now he avoids even my friends (who were HIS friends before too). Clearly he knows he's done something wrong...So here is my question:

1) is he just terribly insecure after his breakup (which was about 6 months ago btw) and is now just playing defense because he really doesn't want to get hurt again? (he claimed I was hard to read sometimes and didn't know if I was really interested--i'm a bit on the reserved side..whoops?) or is he just your classic douchebag with girl ADHD and decided he'd used me enough and turned his efforts toward new job girl?

-the reason I ask is because he was even being lovey dovey the DAY he mentioned his emotional issues and I don't necessarily think he broke up with me because he completely stopped liking me.

All his talk of emotional vulnerability caught me SO off guard because things had been going really well...(but then again, he had just started the new job aka met new girl maybe a week and a half prior to his little pity party)

what the hell gives!? I'm just curious about the inner workings of the ("emotionally damaged") male mind! don't worry, I would never take this coward back even if he begged. I can't believe I actually trusted and had feelings for this pathetic excuse for a man!
Is this guy insecure after his breakup or just your classic douche bag?
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