I want to quit my job because my ex was really horrible to me?

I went out with my ex (who worked with me , i dumped him because he was a bad boyfriend (stood me up, ignored me), so after i felt he was messing me around, but I ended up ending it completely. At work, he puts me down in front of customers, makes me look stupid, isolates me from the group, if i dont do something he goes behind me because its 'not good enough', orders me around like he's my manager. I used to just ignore it (theres other situations, but I dont remember them). He tries to make me jealous at work, like he will talk about girls he fucked, but if he doesn't get a good reaction from me (which he doesnt), he just continues to be rude about me and make me look stupid in front of the customers. So I reached out to him via email to ask what his exact problems was and that he makes me feel uncomfortable at work, to which he didn't reply. So at work, after him being rude to me (making me look incapable), I just decided to pluck up the courage to ask him face to face he responded with ' I knew youd have the courage to ask me eventually, well I dont like you, I think your rude, disrespectful. ' among other things.. but he was using examples from when we were together? (He put a photo of him and a girl up when we were together and i obviously got upset and he said that was disrespectful?) I've never been horrible to him at work, but this argument ended with me calling him an asshole because I told him that he makes me uncomfortable and he puts me down and he said he doesn't care, he doesn't have feelings for me but i decided I didn't need him anymore (obviously he's upset that I dumped him). so i burst into tears and called him an asshole. to which he responded with 'shut the fuck up'. He didn't come and say goodbye to me, or ask if I was okay.He just left at the end of the day.I slept on it and spoke to my manager saying I wanted to speak to her about him because I feel uncomfortable working with him.I want to quit, he hasn't even apologised to me..
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It has been a week, and he hasn't apologised. I thought he may have done by now.I just feel to quit because things could be awkward, and I am so humiliated by it. :( I haven't spoken to my manager yet, what do i do?
I want to quit my job because my ex was really horrible to me?
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