Both married having an affair?

Ok, i know its wrong so dont judge! Im having an affair with my boss we are both married, im not so happy in my marriage but he is and we both made it clear at the beginning that neither of us would leave our spouses. This is the first time for both of us having an affair but we get along great we have the same mentality and we have great chemistry. This has been going on for about 2 moths and he feels really guilty but doesn't stop, 2 weeks ago he went on vacation with his family and he would email and text me that he missed me, i missed him but i didn't want to be the one to admitted, when he got back he said he felt guilty thAt he was doing this to his wife and that he was happy in te marriage and it killed him thinking about what would happen if we got caught. Well he says that i have other qualities that he finds very attractive and that he would have dated me in a heartbeat if we were both single and that makes it hard for him to keep it just physical without emotions the longer it goes on. Well we were together the week before fathers day and i was expecting that Monday for him to say he couldn't take it Because i knew he would feel bad about it during fathers day. Like i thought he was distant and after talking he said he needed to stop this right but he didn't know how he would feel later. I have back off and given him his space, he is not texting like he used to and my question is is this normal? Will he snap out of it and come back? I really like him and dont want to stop but im also not pursuing him. Do u guys think he has developed feelings for me and thats has scared him?
Both married having an affair?
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