Why he keeps blocking me then unblocking me?

I just wana know why would a guy keep on continuously blocking and then unblocking me on whatsapp? Is he confused or is he doing it on purpose to catch my attention or simply angry?

Basically me and this guy we were in love for 5 years ( or maybe we were) i admit i still have feelings for him... but I want to know if its worth it to talk to again or not?
We used to have a long distance r-ship but then he broke up with me. We stayed friends for 2 years. Then I moved to his city to study and he shockingly started to show feelings for me after meeting him ONCE. He tried to help me settle down and guided me around.
However the problems started, he began to ignore my messages on whatsapp. I asked him for help with a problem I was facing and he didn't help me at all and turned his back on me. He later apologized but i didn't c any positive change.
Later on he breaks to me that he is committed to a girl and wants me to stop contacting him. I broke down and cried and my sis talked to him and he met me&my sis bla bla, we ended it and i stopped contacting him.
After 3 months I stupidly said hi and asked him about a guy for a reason (gym thing) then he BROKE in anger saying why r u talking to too many men, y u seem so interested in him, y u acting like a bad girl, your too forward, dont talk to strange guys bla bla... I was shocked cuz seemed to me that he was jealous yet he said awful things about me.
After that he blocked me. Few months later he contacts me saying how sorry he is and that he wants to see how im doing and wants to meet me... he unblocked me.
I refused to see him and I told him to NEVER contact me again. Cuz its not first time he disrespects me, i couldn't believe him again. After some time he comments on my status which I wrote on whatsapp saying 'i am stressed' and he asking me y r u stressed? like as if he cares. I DID NOT REPLY.
Since then he's unblocking me and blocking me, IS HE WORTH TALKIN TO? I dnt even think he has a girl.


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  • It sounds as though This is Going to be Nothing but a Never ending roller coaster ride, followed by a train wreck, sweetie. Get off and stay off. I am seeing a pattern here, and you have come full circle with this guy and it has Now lead to 'Blocking and unblocking.'
    No, he's Not 'WORTH TALKIN' TO... Never mind if he has a dog, let alone a 'Girl.' Who could put up with him?
    My advice Let sleeping dogs lie, and give this Bull story and Him its walking papers... NEVER contact him again...
    Good luck. xx

    • He's strange... This is Why... Most likely emotionally unstable... xx

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    • @Goldeningot Thank you bit there is your own Box in the future for you to Earn your own Spotlight and delight with a MHO. I work Best from the rest always alone at home here, dear.
      Thanks. xx

    • @Goldeningot
      Hii your reply is very resourceful. can you elaborate on "he also will have many girls after him at once and he's used to it" part

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  • As for the why? part, I would guess he's blocking you so that he can unblock you when he wants to keep tabs on you, then block you again once he's up to speed on your current events. I think it's bad news and unless you can block him permanently yourself, I would consider closing my account.

  • He's weird, I'd say step away from this person and future people like this. Nothing but headaches, nobody wants mind games, it's just annoying.

  • I have the same problem as you , I knew the guy for 5 years he tells me he loves me all the time but randomly blocks me off everything and when he unblocks me he tells me that he misses me , he has or had a girlfriend I never want to reply to him when he messages me but j always end up replying I care for him a lot but the more he blocks me and cuts me off the more i lose my love for him I'm real confused what should I do?


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