Guys, why would you contact an old crush and then ignore her? Should I just confess to him?

Few years ago I met a guy I felt instantly attracted to. He was taken at the time so I couldn't do anything about it but there was some really strong tension between the two of us. At the time I definitely thought he had a bit of a crush (although well he was taken) since he would always stare, compliment me, try to be near me, and be sort of touchy feely.
It felt amazing just being in his presence and I fell really hard for him. Then we both moved away, he remained with his girlfriend and they had a kid. We kept in touch from time to time through emails.
It was really hard for me to accept that he had his life and such but I always respected his couple. At one point I decided not to ever talk to him again because I was stuck and could not move on. I did not talk to him for a year and a half
But two months ago I like something he posted on social media which prompted him to contact me. We then updated each other on what had happened so far and he told me he was not with his girlfriend anymore since a year, explained what had happened. I had been through some difficult times too so it was nice having someone share it with. Anyway, now he's ignoring me. We still live in different tows so internet is the only way to communicate.

And I find myself just even more stuck on him than before because during all this time I have always thought of him, and have never met anyone that made me feel that way he did. Getting over him while knowing that he's very probably single just as I am is difficult. And I don't understand why he's ignoring me all of a sudden.

What should I do? How do I move on from him? I'm really afraid of never meeting someone I feel such an unfathomable connection with.
I've thought about confessing in a desperate attempt but well I'd rather do it face to face...

Any advice for me?
Guys, why would you contact an old crush and then ignore her? Should I just confess to him?
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