Do d-bag's ever regret their behavior and actions?

So I dated a guy for about 2.5 months after he practically stalked me around school for a month. I wasn't initially too interested, but after getting to know him better, I started to see that he was a good guy (or so I thought) and gave it a chance. Things were going really well and got progressively more serious. Right about a week and a half before he broke up with me, we had definitely deepened our relationship (no, not sex, just in general. he had just returned from a 2 week trip). The rest of the week however, work got really busy and I didn't get a chance to see him until that friday. Anyway, imagine my surprise and utter shock when he says he's having second thoughts about us the following wednesday (the day after my birthday!) and says he wants the rest of the week/weekend to think about it. on sunday, he broke up with me via text saying he "just wasn't ready for anything" and was "too scared of being hurt again by me". I later found out he had taken some girl out during the time he was supposedly "thinking" (and BEFORE we had even broken up). and that he told one of my good guy friends that he just "wasn't feeling it anymore" (which I'm willing to accept as defensive guy talk to make himself look cooler).

Here are some background tidbits on this douche:

1) He is VERY VERY insecure with himself.

2) 6 mos ago he had gotten out of a relationship with a chronically cheating girlfriend.

so after letting this douche wreak havoc on my month of june, I finally (with the help of some wiser females) figured it out, or I think I did anyway:

his immaturity and insecurity with himself drove him to question my motives in the relationship and led him to latch onto the nearest girl that may have shown slight interest, all while convincing himself that this new girl was a better catch than me in order to justify leaving me COMPLETELY high and dry. aka he was too scared of being left that he decided to leave me first. even though there was no legitimate reason for him to think that I would leave/dump him.

so basically, this all comes down to:

do douche bags like him ever realize that their behavior was atrocious and/or regret doing these things? any wise (or not) insight would be much appreciated :)

i do realize I'm better off without him (so this isn't a sob story) and we do share a lot of friends so I will inevitably run into him on a fairly regular basis, but I think it's just a great opportunity for him to see exactly what he almost had, but never will :P

Do d-bag's ever regret their behavior and actions?
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