Guys why do you assume all girls are the same?

So I have posted a couple of questions wondering about what my ex might be thinking and what I could do to get him back. Usually the responses I get from guys are "leave him alone, he doesn't want you" or "stop trying to manipulate him" or "get off your high horse"
Never in any of the questions did I mention manipulation. Never did I say I was perfect, or better than anyone and I have never said that he does want me I have only asked what I can do to convince him to give us a second chance.

Guys why do you automatically cut down the person trying to make sense of a situation that has hurt them? Why do you assume we are trying to manipulate our ex's? I know there are a lot of woman who do manipulate people but I am not one of them and I know a lot of woman who would never do that.

I know this isn't all guys, but I get one in ten opinions that are actually kind or helpful from guys, so why is it that you do this?
Guys why do you assume all girls are the same?
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