Why does she not want to talk to me anymore?

ME and my ex broke up 5 months ago(mutual). However I was the one that wanted it first, and she didn't want to waist her senior year if with me if I was going to break up with her after.

I am two years older than her and in college in the same town as she is. We dated for two years in high school and one year while I was in college. Unfortunately I felt like I wasn't happy with her so we decided to break up. After we broke up I realized that I wanted her back more than anything else and she was really what made me the happiest.

I tried to win her back for about a month to no success. It just seemed to make her mad. So I left her alone. Then a month later I saw her again and we talked like we did before. She said she missed me but wasn't sure what she wanted. I said I still wanted to get back together, but if she was happy I was happy for her. She said she was just confused.

So I gave her her space again. From time to time I would see her at basketball games, and she would always come and talk to me instead of her friends. The last time she even text me after the game to tell me how it was good to see me and I seemed like I was doing good. I called her and we talked for a little bit. And she agreed to eat lunch with me, but when I called her she to do lunch she said she was busy.

So I left her alone again. Then she text me a week later on my birthday to ask if I was doing anything special. So we texted a little bit.

So I didn't talk to her for a while until I bumped into her at a restaurant and we just made small talk but everything was good. So this was about 3 weeks ago. I see her every Sunday ant church but we sit far away from each other.

Now it seems like she doesn't want to talk to me at church. And it seems like she doesn't miss me anymore. She seems happy, and is always keeping busy with softball now. Next year she is going to the same college as me.

My question is this. One why does she not want to talk to me anymore, and Two Do you think that it is pointless to wait for her. I love her very much and at one time she loved me. I am willing to wait but I don't want to if it is hopeless.


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  • I think the both of you still have feelings for each other. Even though the break up is mutual, people don't realize what they have until it's gone. I say try to keep yourself busy, even though I know that you can't stop thinking about her. At this point she too herself, doesn't know what she wants. I say let her have her space. She's probably finding a way to move on, since you did end up breaking the relationship. Its hard for her as well not to have any contact with you. If you see that she is happy on her own, part of loving someone is to let go too. It wouldn't be fair to both of you, if the love is one-sided. If you guys were really meant to be, your hearts will find a way back to each other in the future. Just hang in there, break-ups are never easy even for the person who ended it.


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  • I would say she still has some feelings for you, but you can't wait around for people forever, you should probably move on.

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