Does this guy want to be my friend or my friend with benefits?

Just met this guy we established that we were just friends. Hung out for a week straight the in groups of friends. Asked eachother advice when talking to opposite sex etc. all of a sudden last night he kisses me.. Once before I said okay lets go. Then in the car. Also right before he dropped me off. Also that same day he paid for my yogurt which was strange cause we've been paying separately since we met. Even after we kissed he was asking me what he should say to this girl on Facebook. I was too prideful to tell him not to respond. Don't know if he was trying to see how I would react or what? But then earlier in the night he said something he wanted to do and I said go have one of your tinder girls do it. And he was like "jealous?" Mind you that was before he kissed me.. I dont want to get played and I'm not super Into the whole friend with benefits idea... I'm just really confused because we were straight up friends for a week straight making dirty jokes and all kinds of homie stuff. I'm just frustrated because I'm too prideful to let myself be friends with benefits because I know I would fall fast.. And I don't think he'd be there to catch me.. Because... Well he seems like a playler... ALSO I don't want to come off as TOO EASY! No girl wants that... Advice?
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Does this guy want to be my friend or my friend with benefits?
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