He proposed to his GF! I think my best friend has lost his mind?

My best friend has probably been with his GF for 5 years. I find her really annoying, he finds her really annoying, everyone including his friends and family find her really annoying. She has no social skills, no manners, is a know-it-all, and is just really annoying. He even told me a few months ago that he's not attracted to her anymore and he doesn't like having sex with her anymore (wtf?) and was screaming about how disrespectful and annoying she is and how he can't stand living her and wanted to kick her out. I listened to the guy rant for HOURS. Yelling in my ear. I couldn't calm him down. He was supposed to kick her out that night but he didn't even bother to talk to her about it and just internalized everything. Fast forward a couple of months he tells me he's going to propose to her. I laugh it off "HA HA good one" I say. A couple months ago he tells me he bought the ring and was excited about it (puke). Then last weekend he proposed to her on her birthday.

I'm just so baffled right now. No one can stand this girl. My girlfriend can't stand her either. THis is a guy who complained so much about her. He even goes out with girls behind her back, but now all I hear is "I just want to make her happy". Really? This girl who doesn't care about anyone, doesn't care about making anyone happy, is lazy, does nothing, he does everything for her. She's not even hot or attractive or anything. She sucks in bed. She acts like a 14 year old boy and dresses like one. My best friend was the type of guy who would get any girl he wanted. He has a good job. What is wrong with him?

IS HE REALLY GOING TO MARRY HER? I FEEL LIKE I'VE LOST MY BEST FRIEND. We barely talk since he bought the ring because I never realized he was serious until that day. I can't hang out with him because that means I have to see her and I want to kill myself whenever I'm around her.

He proposed to his GF! I think my best friend has lost his mind?
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