Why do guys ask "why are you so wet"?

Why do guys ask this?

I'll make out with a guy I'm dating and then that leads to hand down the pants/skirt and I mean literally EVERY TIME they ask why I'm so wet?
Like isn't that a good thing? Shouldn't you feel proud that you got me to that state?
I don't think they say it insultingly. But is that what you consider 'dirty talk'? Or do you think I'm loose down their because I'm wet?

I do have orgasms easily, and I get turned on quickly, but I didn't think that was bad.

It's not like I'm leaking/dripping or anything extreme like that. To be honest I guess I get 'slick' but thats the MAX I ever get.
I am a squirter but it actually takes very precise bodily arrangement for that to happen so it rarely happens, actually only with one boyfriend and never with anyone else so that can't be why EVERY guy I get to 2nd base with says that.
Why do guys say that?
Why do guys ask "why are you so wet"?
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