Why would a guy who seemed interested all of a sudden ignore you? Please I really need insight on this?

BACKSTORY : I met him 5 years ago, we were classmates and at the time he exhibited all signs of interest. He would keep staring at me, tried to be near me, be sort of touchy feely, would tell me I was beautiful and compliment me etc.. But he was taken and nothing ever came out of this. There was just a lot of tension.
Then we both moved to different places and life went on. He moved in with his gf and had a kid. Meanwhile I still would keep in touch with him from time to time and he even kept me informed of his baby's birth.
of course this was hard on me, I was nearly sure he felt a little something for me, besides he would keep commenting, liking my social posts and even inquired what type of guy I was meeting. This changed when he became a father and most importantly I was happy if he was happy.
I came to a point where I needed to stop talking to him. and that's what I did but after over a year of silence he asked for news. We then both exchanged and he said he was no longer with his gf. we sort of both opened up on our failures and such.

NOW Lately I told him I would have liked to see him, it was my way to gauge if he was still somewhat interested or not. He replied by pointing out that where I was moving to wasn't so far from where he lived and that anyway the trip wasn't boring.
I took this as a clear sign of "let's meet someday" and I replied by asking him if it meant that we could see each other. And since then he never replied. It's been a month and I don't get news from him. I see him being active, posting, liking etc but my message hasn't even been read. I just don't get it at all. He's done this previously ever since we sort of got back in touch and I had had to message him again. The thing is the conversation didn't come at an end like it usually happens.

So well given everything that I've explained, what could be the reason to flat out ignore me?

Did I scare him away? His relationship ended over a year ago and he said he was ok
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Is it because he just liked the mystery that surrounded our interaction and now that I've said I would like to meet him again he just freaked out?
Has he ever even interested at all?
Did I understand his last message wrong?
Did I miss something?
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Well the guy finally replied and said he had a girlfriend, so yeah should maybe re title this question : Why would a guy show interest and then suddenly date someone else" or "How could I ever thought he was interested". Thanks to those who answered
Why would a guy who seemed interested all of a sudden ignore you? Please I really need insight on this?
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