Any advice for a shy guy that's scared and nervous about starting a relationship.

I'm 19 and never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl on the lips before. I don't really have much friends and all because of relocating so many times. I have a hard time opening up to people and saying what's on my mind.

Anyways, there's this girl that gave me her number (because she thought I was cute...) about a little over a month ago and I think she likes me. I like her too, but I'm afraid of starting anything for some reason. She's one and a half years younger than me and It makes me feel sort of like a loser because I'm the older one, I haven't had a date before, and I should be the one taking the initiative rather than letting her lead. We see each other every week and talk just about daily, but I think she might be getting the impression that I'm not interested because I'm not really giving her any 'signs' that I like her more than a friend. She even put her face out there for a little kiss one time, but I turned my face out of nervousness.

We have been on one date and it was at the movies. I thought it went alright even though we didn't really talk. I was nervous and a little stiff at times, but I guess I had fun. I'm pretty sure she was trying to get us 'lost' in the theaters or try to sneak into another movie, but I didn't really see it as that and told her she was going the wrong way and then I led the way out (lol...).

Another thing is that she's a gorgeous girl and on the outgoing side. She's always having fun or doing something exciting. I never really do anything exciting and don't really do anything besides work/school. I also tend to act really awkward around girls I find attractive and become stiff. It takes me a really, really long time to get comfortable around them. I think I might be starting to drive her away because I'm scared to make the next move.
Any advice for a shy guy that's scared and nervous about starting a relationship.
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