Does He Like Me Or Am I Just Being Optimistic?

There's this really, REALLY amazing guy, who is honestly really perverted, but I'm totally fine with that. Everybody has problems, and he isn't that bad. We met last year in tech when were assigned to build a house together and he was super-nice to me, but he's super-nice to everybody [one of the many reasons I like him] even the people that everyone hates, he is always nice to them, doesn't matter who they are. he would always tell me good job or come up to me before school started and start talking. he didn't really blame people, he was too nice, but he did accidentally point out blame, when it was really my fault, to other people. he always asked me to double-check stuff. this year, I'm in his social studies and teams classes. one day, after school had ended and we were all getting to our buses, really just hanging out, he came up to us [my friends and i] and started talking, hugged my best friend, and then when he walked away he shouted out 'bye ____ ' <-- insert my name hereXD and it's not just because I didn't talk to him, because my other friend didn't talk to him either and they were really good friends. he shouted out my name, and my best friend, who he hugged, was like 'ooh, he came over out of his way to say bye to YOU. [: ' he's a spaz, I'll give him that. he likes talking in weird voices, but it's funny [: one day in TEAMS this year, he started talking to me about how much he hates algebra, a short conversation went on, then he said mr. ____'s so scary I almost p*ssed my pants. then he said I mean, I'm just joking. that would be funny though, and then he turned away and started talking to somebody else. I really like him but we barely ever talk. TEAMS is only 15 minutes, and mrs. ____ dominates the rest of it by talking nonstop. I really like him, but does he like me? -btw, I'm good friends with his ex girlfriend, but I think they're still friends. he lives really close by me, [Google earth] so close that my 2 friends and I rode our bikes through his neighborhood, THEM wanting to knock on every door and ask where ___ ___ lived. luckily, we didn't [:

so, am I a total hopeless romantic or is this actually true?

[he also asked what book I was reading one day, I said a really stupid one [wuthering heights] [now I get it, not so stupid anymore] then I said frickin british people need to learn how to write, then he said oh and turned around.]


have no idea what that means!?

and, what does this mean?

i was teasing him last year

'do you ever get your homework done?'

then he said in one of his fake high-pitched voices

'stop teasing me'

then this one kid that everybody hates [but he's nice to [: ] said

'oh yeah, she loves to tease you.'

and I was like


-i honestly don't get what that means? can you explain it?

thanks [:
Does He Like Me Or Am I Just Being Optimistic?
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