Men and emotional affairs?

Honest answers please. Can a married man fall in love with a woman when their relationship is only online? Even if they have never had physical or cyber sex and no pictures have been exchanged?

They flirt a lot and talk about wanting each other sometimes but have never met up in person even though our cities are close by. He told her that he has a girlfriend, but not that he's married. She is also in a relationship with someone else. Both of them call each other their bf/gf. This relationship has been going on for a few months, but theyve been friends for almost a year.

he's been keeping a lot of his personal details away from her but they seem to be close despite that. They usually exchange emails almost daily or every few days. They have talked about how much they care for each other but haven't said they loved each other in a clear way. They sometimes jokingly tease each other and respond with things like "I'm just messing with you. You know I love you sugar."

I don't know if he's keeping his personal information private because he's scared that she'll find out he's married and leave him? Or if he's scared that she'll find out he's married and then might try to tell me (but he gave her a fake name)? Or if he thinks he'll get into less trouble if I catch him? Or to make him feel less like he's cheating? Or maybe he doesn't really love her and its easier to do it this way?

She did try to initiate cybersex once which he didn't go through with... although that may have been because I was home at the time.

We've been married for almost six years and we have a five year old son. I don't really want advice on if I should stay or not, but just people's opinions on if he might really be in love with her. I would also like to know what his motivations for hiding his identity would be?

If you have had any experiences with emotional affairs (men or women), could you tell me more about it?
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Sorry, should have clarified that. No naked pictures has been exchanged. She's sent some clothes pics of herself, but he hasn't shared any pics of his.
Men and emotional affairs?
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