Please help, I'm so worried

this is gonna be a long one...

I've been dating this guy (long distance, but we are very emotionally close) for a while now. it has been absolutely story-book perfect... we both fell hard. he told me I was "the one" just last week.

then four days ago he says he is in a really bad mood, and stops answering my IMs. we both deal with pretty bad depression, and we are used to helping each other through it, so it is odd that he stopped responding. a day after that, I found out he had blocked me, so I messaged him (rather angrily, I regret to say) and asked what was up. he told me he was angry and depressed and confused. he told me it wasn't about me, but he didn't want to talk because he was angry and would say mean things without meaning them. again, he stopped responding to my messages.

it's been two days since then, with no contact. I sent him an email asking if he was ok and if he was breaking up with me. so far I have not heard back.

I'm very hurt and confused and worried, but I don't want to pressure him into talking to me if he isn't feeling well. I know all too well what it is like to spiral into a depression, and I don't want to make it worse. but since it is long distance, I have no way of verifying his story. I guess I am just looking for some opinions on the situation... does it sound like he is trying to nonconfrontationally break up with me? my gut tells me that's not the case, but I know men do this sometimes when they are no longer interested. please help, I'm going crazy worrying about it...
Please help, I'm so worried
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