I like a guy who has a gf? /.\?

I kind of liked this guy & I thought he liked me too but I found out he had a gf (from another school), then we kind of stopped talking. A school year later we only had a class together. As soon as the guy I'd talk to there changed class he suddenly stopped talking to the "popular" group he'd talk to & started talking to me more often & sitting behind or in front of me & moving the desks so we would be besides each other. It was like we never even stopped talking or being friends (if we were even that) He would show me music on his phone & sometimes ask me for advice because he had some problems w. his gf... I started having stronger feelings for him... He'd often tell me she was too "hostile" towards him & this year I found out he told my friend-whom I met him through- that he didn't think their relationship would last much longer yet he never left her... He once asked me if I had ever liked him & I said no which I later regretted because I realized he might have had at least some feelings for me at some point but that even if he didn't, he should've known.

I obviously didn't expect him to leave his gf for me or anything like that since we weren't even that close so ik I should forget him but it still hurts as much as I've tried to deny it. We've only had the chance to say hi like 4 times this year but now I've been seing him more often in the hallways & I don't know what to do.
Today, I was walking in the hallway & he was walking the opposite way (towards me) as soon as he saw me he was like, "Graaacee!" & slightly grabbed my hand. I kind of hold on then we both fastly walked our own way. It's kind of weird because what guy in a relationship would do that? We haven't even had like a decent conversation in a long time. I was thinking that maybe he's mocking me or something but I don't know why he would do that. I mean, nobody knows & I honestly never really showed I liked him or anything. Maybe I'm just over analyzing things but I still don't know what to do:/
I like a guy who has a gf? /.\?
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