Am I psycho and over reacting or is he a jerk?

Is this guy a jerk or am I overly dramatic? I used to like him but now I think he's a bit of a jerk but I wonder if I'm being fair.
here is a series of some of the events that transpired.

At first we both like each other and flirted.

I told him I liked him and he said he wasn't ready for a relationship but when he was I was just what he was looking for.

He told me many girls were interested but of all of them I was the most appealing.

We got pretty close physically and he told me he really liked me.

He called me once rambling on about how is two friends would be perfect for each other and he doesn't know why they're not dating. When I said it sounds like us he said he wasn't ready yet but he would eventually be together because we are soulmates.

One day he seemed very distant and I asked him about it and he said he wasn't feeling it. That we are just friends. He doesn't feel the connection he feels with the girl he was with that's coming back soon. She was gone for a couple months. He said he was probably going to date her when she gets back.

He calls me all the time and wants to talk every day. He asked me to his small party and talked about different girls he should be set up with and how good he would look with a movie star on top of him.

He is rarely willing to make any plans to hang out together but he often wants me to hang out with him at the last minute.

He told me that him and his ex-girlfriend broke up because she didn't want to do a distance relationship. He said she regretted it.

He sent me this email about stuff he said he has only shared with me. In it he talked about love and how he loves certain things about being in love and he talked about inspiration and many other things.. It was a very long email.

I told him some of his behavior confuse me. I said he called me his dream girl. he got annoyed and corrected me and said that what he really said was I have all the characteristics of his dream girl
Am I psycho and over reacting or is he a jerk?
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