My guy friend completely stopped talking to me because of his gf?

I met this guy back in my freshman year (2010), he's a year older. The next year we didn't talk at all. Then my junior year we hung out and started texting & I always had a thing for him since I met him but never told him. That year he confessed that he had a crush on me since we first met. Blah blah, a year later we were just friends. Like we never got together I don't know why, it all just faded away within months, I think because I moved. Anyways I moved on. My senior year, I still texted/snapchatted him all fine. I became his first bff on snapchat, I know this sounds irrelevant, but the girl that was second on his bffs list added me on snapchat and told me that she was his gf. I thought this was a complete joke because never did he mention that he had a gf. On instagram he always posted pictures of him riding (bmx) and I know for a fact that's all he had time for besides playing xbox all night. He was the same in high school, just his bike and xbox was all he had time for. And he always talked about that with me. I sent him a few snaps asking him about it and he wouldn't open them, a few minutes later I check o see if he opened them and I saw that he deleted me as well as on instagram. I found his "gf" on instagram, and she's from Canada, like literally lives there right now, and she's still in high school. And on her profile it says "B. T. 6.26.2011" which are his initials and I'm assuming the day they got together. I found out she's from Canada because I found her on fb and her profile is public. he's never had a fb. Anyways, he didn't delete me from xbox.. maybe because he knows it's my brother's account? Or maybe he forgot? Well I texted him right after I saw that he blocked me on instagram so that I couldn't follow him anymore, but he didn't reply. I'm so confused. This chick is very unattractive compared to all the girls he's showed me he thinks are attractive and she's from another country.. we live in California.
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Plus this means he was "talking" to me while he had his gf. Because we did talk for a few months. He said he liked me.
My guy friend completely stopped talking to me because of his gf?
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