Does My Work Colleague Fancy Me?

Hi, so I've worked with this guy for the past two months or so. I have heard whispers that he has a girlfriend - a fairly reliable source has told me that he told another colleague he has. HOWEVER, from day one I noticed him looking at me/watching me a lot. For example, I would be eating lunch and would look up & see him watching me. Recently i was standing beside his cubicle talking to another colleague and he stared at me (in an obvious manner), while I spoke to the colleague. 2 friends of mine have pointed out to me that they have noticed him watching me and looking at me and one said she saw him "leering ".

I notice anytime I arrange lunch for our team (which hasn't been often) he makes an effort to come.

He has also never mentioned a girlfriend to me and has said he is living with other male friends- a bit unusual for someone in his 30s with a supposed girlfriend?

I notice he laughs a lot around me and at my jokes and if I'm chatting close to his cubicle he will almost always look up and join in the conversation.

Finally, I notice he stands in really close proximity to me when we speak and when we were breaking up for the holidays, he noticed me giving female colleagues a hug goodbye and stood up and asked me for one.

Despite all the above and despite coming to organised lunches he doesn't tend to come to the canteen every day at lunch where he knows I would be- surely he would do this if he liked me?

Just wondering if he does fancy me. Can't help but think my female colleagues' insistence that he fancies me and has been staring at me is wishful thinking on their part (they know I really like him). and that the other signs are just signs that he finds me a funny and interesting person who he would like to befriend- he is new, so obviously wants to make friends.

How should I go forward with this? Awkward given he almost certainly has a gf (even if she is not serious) and that we are colleagues.

Thanks guys :))
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I should add that he has also winked at me a few times when I'm saying goodbye and going home in the evenings. Another minor but important sign?
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Does My Work Colleague Fancy Me?
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