Is this guy into me or does he just like sending mixed signals?

So, I just moved to a new school and the second day I got here I ran into a cute guy on the street that was asking me where the dorms were. I took him there and we hit it off. He really seemed interested in me the way he smiled at me and would look me in the eyes for a long time. I didn't have a phone at the time but he gave me his number and asked that I call him when I got a phone.

The next day I tried using the phone in my dorm to call the number but it wouldn't work for some reason. So, I got a cell phone later on that week and happened to run into him again. He seemed really happy to see me and I'm not even sure why he was in my dorm lobby. I told him the story of the number not working, and this time we exchanged numbers properly. I offered him to hang out with me and a friend that night but he said he had to practice something for school.

I text him the next day to see how his practicing was going. He told me all was well but that he had caught a cold and would let me know when it was safe to hang out with him again. So I told him to get better soon.

Three days later I run into him on the street again as I was going to dinner. He seemed preoccupied and said he had already eaten dinner so we talked for a bit and he left.

I went the rest of the week pretty certain that he didn't like me. But I just decided that I would ask him out to lunch and he could say yay or nay. He ended up saying yes enthusiastically and even told me the time and place to meet before I even suggested anything.

So we walked around to find a place to eat. He even held me around the shoulder to protect me from the busy street ways when we crossed. He walked really close to me and even helped get something out of my eye. We had a good time at lunch talking. We kept smiling at each other for no reason and he would constantly stare into my eyes smile. We were both kind of nervous but it felt like the kind of sexual tension that happens when two people are attracted to each other. I was pretty convinced he liked me and considered this flirting. He invited me to go to a dance class that night.

I went to the class with him and another girl and thought he might offer to hang out after that but he didn't. He just told me he would call me with more information on the class. He's kind of nerdy so it makes me wonder if he's just too shy to ask me out on a real date or pursue me fully. But I'm just not sure. I really like him but I don't want to be the only one making the moves. He really seemed to like me at our lunch but I just wonder if its more of an entertainment factor for him. Maybe I should just keep friends with him in case?
Is this guy into me or does he just like sending mixed signals?
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