What's up with guys saying all girls want is money?

I'd say most guys at some point complain about gold diggers.

Yes, I know they exist, and yes, I acknowledge that they are mostly female. But HEAR ME OUT. Like actually read this.

Most girls are not after your money. It just blows my mind how many dudes making average or below average McDonald's type income worry about gold diggers. You have no gold to dig -.- Even if the chick has a stable job and decent income, guys will say she wants some guy's money.

It's just so far from reality. But seriously on this site I've seen SO many guys say all women want from a man is his money. That's like saying all men want from girls is sex. It is a stupid sexist stereotype.

If you're a 55 year old wealthy man who owns a yacht and a hot young 22 year old is giving you attention, then you can worry. If you're a 23 year old undergraduate making average income and living in an apartment, you can chill.

Not only that, but they'll also add "they're also only after freakishly tall guys with huge dicks and that's it!"

... that's like me saying guys only want blonde bimbos with huge boobs. OBVIOUSLY UNTRUE.

If it was true, then, like 2% of the population of men out there would ever get a gf if the requirements were being over 6'2", having a 7" dick, and/or being rich.

So what's up with this?
What's up with guys saying all girls want is money?
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